Heroes of Hujjat – Murtaza Jaffer Ebrahim


Launching our new initiative – Heroes of Hujjat. Join us as we find out more about the bedrocks of our community who make The KSIMC of London the home it is for so many.BR. MURTAZA EBRAHIM*Write-up by Noorali Nasser*MURTAZA JAFFER EBRAHIM is highly creative and full of ambitious drive. His mind is a hive of activity, so mental stimulation and knowledge is something he tends to strongly crave.Murtaza is intensely naturally caring, protective, down to earth and sociable with the typical helpful nature of all crabs. He is very helpful, understanding, supportive and warm natured underneath.With this amiability and loveable temperament,Murtaza’s main strengths of character are conveyed in the unique mixture of friendliness, receptivity and creativity within the levelheaded sensitivity and self reliance he possesses. This buoyant spirit and realism alongside his receptiveness assist him in more often than not keeping on top of things. All these combined favorable traits often attract him the attention and stimuli he  commonly yearns for.His affectionate and tactful care and protection of everything he holds dear gives him the chance to make his greatest wishes come true. Murtaza is willful, self disciplined and full of innovative ideas but very strongly family orientated too, as he tends to prefer and seek plenty of stability in his private life. This reveals his responsibility, affection and a domestic approach to life.Born on 29th May, 1941 and brought up in Zanzibar, Alhaj Murtaza comes from the visionary family lineage of Jaffer Ebrahim Ismail Walli and Zainab bai Hasham Alibhai. Murtaza is the eighth sibling of his parents who were blessed MashaAllah with ten children, namely:Marhum Mohamed, Marhum Bashir, Marhum Ibrahim, Marhum Taki, Marhum Baker, Marhum Husein, Sukaina bai Jessa, Murtaza, Razia bai Molu and Munawer.Murtaza got married to Saida bai Sonara on 24th January, 1970 in Zanzibar. He has two children namely:1. Rumeena bai, married to Salim Jaffer2. Zahid, married to Farahnaaz ChatooBIODATA:* 1947-1955 Zanzibar Sir Euan Smith Madressa Primary School* 1955-1962 Zanzibar King George the VI Secondary School, Form 1 to Form 6* 1962-1966 University of Nairobi, KenyaPursuant to his higher education, Murtaza eventually qualified as a Mechanical Engineer with B.Sc. (Eng.) degree.Upon his graduation, he worked as an Engineer for Industrial Studies and Development Centre, a “United Nations Special Fund Project” in the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He worked at INDCENTRE where his recognition for hard work, efforts, dedication and accomplishment was rewarded with a motivated appreciation of being promoted to an “Assistant Director”.* 1967-1968 Engineering Apprenticeship at National Engineering Company in Dar-es-Salam, whilst working for INDCENTRE* 1968 July to December- attended a course on Management for Small-Scale Industries at Research Institute for Management Science (RVB), Delft, The Netherlands.* 1971 May to July- took a course on Plastics Technology at the Austrian Plastics Technology (OKI) and Laboratory for Plastics Technology, Vienna, Austria.In August 1974, Murtaza joined Industrial Management Services as a Project Manager. IMS was a management company of KJ Motors Ltd promoting industrial projects throughout Tanzania.In April 1976, upon securing a landed immigration status, Murtaza moved to Canada along with his familyHe stayed in Toronto, Canada up to September 1976 after which he moved back to Tanzania. His former employer, the KJ Group under IMS, once again employed him in Dar-es-Salaam.IMS then stationed Murtaza in Nairobi, Kenya for a period between September 1977 and August 1978, moved him back once again to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania until July 1991 when he was finally transferred to London, UK working for IMS (UK) as a Project Manager. He was involved in industrial project studies in Dubai, Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria and Ghana. He worked for IMS (UK) in London up to July 1999.* 1999-2001 worked for Galaxy Imports Limited based in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire* 2001-2016 was transferred by Galaxy Imports Limited working as an Office Manager for Shoparama Ltd based in Rayners Lane, Middlesex. He was in-charge of office administration of retail business comprising of 11 retail outlets in the UK. His duties comprised of preparing and maintaining accounts records, operating company’s bank accounts including Internet banking, organising payment of suppliers invoices, maintaining staff records etc.Upon reaching the pensionable age of 65, Murtaza took full retirement from active employment, and ultimately he then started engaging himself with Charitable Community work.When the KSIMC Hujjat Stanmore Jamaat established the Madressa under the leadership of Alhaj Abdulhusein Takim, Murtaza was the Head of Akhlaq Department. He played full part in the development of Madressa under CoEJ, having previously worked as external examiner on the subject of Akhlaq in Milton Keynes and Peterborough Madressas.In 2001 when Alhaj Bashir Tejani, who was the Hon. Secretary of the KSIMC Stanmore Senior Citizens, had to leave all of a sudden for Arusha, Tanzania, Murtaza was taken in as his replacement. He served as a Secretary for a couple of years and later continued to be one of the advisors of the Senior Citizens Committee for many years. Murtaza is still a very dedicated volunteer of KSIMC Stanmore Hujjat Senior Citizens.For a brief period between September 1993 to October 1995, Murtaza also served as an Executive Committee member of KSIMC Hujjat Stanmore Jamaat under the chairmanship of Alhaj Ahmed Dungersi.May Allah (SWT) reward Murtaza bhai amply for his noble work, deeds and dedication….. Bless him in the dunyah (in this life) and Aakhira (in the life hereafter) with the mercy of Allah, Ameen.May Allah (SWT) bless him with a long, happy, healthy, bountiful and a spiritually fulfilling successful life to continue serving the community with greater zeal and commitment, Ameen.We wish Alhaj Murtaza bhai a continued good long life’s journey blessed with divine health that leads to happiness forever.Wishes tor par mere dilse, yeh ek do line hai hamari tarafse………“Duniya Ki Khushiyan Aapko Mil Jayein,Apno Se Mil Ke Aapka Man Khil Jaye,Chehre Par Dukh Ki Kabhi Shikan Na Ho,Aapke Zindagime Par Hamari Sabki ShubKamnayein.”———————————“Dil Se Hanari Dua Hai Ke Khush Raho Tum,Mile Na Koi Ghum Jahan Bhi Raho Tum,Samandar Ki Tarah Dil Hai Gehra Tumhara,Sadaa Khushio Se Bhara Rahe Daaman Tumhara.”———————————