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Office Bearers: Mustafa Ramji (Chair), Sana Pirmohamed (Vice-Chair), Fatema Zahra Panju, Kumayl Gulamhusein, Maitham Gulamhussein, Murtaza Mamdani, Saiqa Pirmohamed.

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AHY aims to build a community characterised by taqwa, through engaging, connecting, and developing the youth. Specifically, this means: driving engagement of the youth with their faith and the community; connecting the youth with each other and the broader community; and facilitating the holistic development of the youth.

AHY has now grown to include over 100 members across gents and ladies, and the platform now includes dedicated project teams for Socials, Baraza Corner, Podcasts, Youth Engagement, Relief, Creatives and Personal Development. These teams will continue to provide dedicated events and initiatives for the community. AHY serve the members themselves, by providing further opportunities for development and social cohesion.

Recent Successes

AHY’s primary aim is the engagement, connection and development of youth. The organisation have achieved this through consistent and creative socials l, both virtually and in-person. Highlights include annual Ramadhan Sleepovers, Easter camps, paintballing, pottery classes, self defence classes and much more. A particular focus is placed on tackling taboo topics, including mental health, dealing with the complexities of university in the Western world, intricacies of buloogh and addressing the challenges of the marital process. AHY seek to reach out to the wider community through podcasts on pertinent topics such as vegan eating, moonsighting and spirituality.

AHY aims to connect youth with the wider Hujjat body through innovative and engaging events. These include the annual BBQ, community-wide quiz nights, a table tennis tournament in collaboration with SJ, decorating the centre for khushalis and serving sweet treats. AHY provide a platform for the spiritual development of the community through programmes such as Duas under the Stars, numerous Baraza corners with esteemed scholars and a Letter to My Lord. AHY also engage with our local community by giving New Year gifts to neighbours and local service providers as well as collaborating with a local hospice in supporting a charity walk.

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