Review: Al Haadi Youth Residential

Al Haadi Hujjat Youth
On the 23rd of July, Al Haadi Youth took 30 boys and 30 girls from our community to the Caldecotte Xperience Centre in Milton Keynes for the first ever AHY residential.


From the moment the kids boarded the coach at Stanmore, you could see the excitement on their faces to be able to spend the weekend with their friends, and to make many more. Over the course of the weekend they were exposed to several activities and self-development sessions. This included archery, raft-building, canoeing and climbing to name just a few.


We also had the privilege of having Sheikh Alihussein Datoo, Sheikh Zoheir Ismail, Br Zamin Alidina, Sister Maleeha Merali and Sister Zermina Awan. They led sessions throughout the day and also over a campfire at night (with marshmallows of course). These sessions were eye-opening and engaged our youth so they were able to ask questions freely about topics that are pertinent in today’s society. From the feedback we received, this was one of the highlights of the trip.


Br Mahmood Mawjee also led a session speaking about mindset and the importance of it. The kids were taught how to be resilient, happy and motivated in order to be successful in whatever path they decide to go along.


Alhamdullilah our youth made new friendships which will now last a lifetime. InshAllah this will enable them to progress in all aspects of their life, especially in getting closer to Allah (swt) and connecting with Imam Mahdi (AS).