Resident Aalim

Introduction & Profile

Our new Resident Aalim – Shaykh Anwar Jaffer.

Sheikh Anwar Jaffer has a Bsc in Economics and Finance from Queen Mary University of London and a BA in Islamic Studies from al-Mustafa University in Qum. In 2010 he began his religious studies in Najaf and transferred to Qom in 2015. He completed his hawza studies in Qum in 2019. Currently, he is completing his MA degree in Education from the University of Warwick, with a special emphasis on Islamic Education.

Previously, Sheikh Anwar was the Resident Aalim at Masjid al Husayn, MKSI Leicester from January 2020 – December 2022. He was recently appointed as the Resident Aalim of The KSIKC of London on the 1st of January 2023

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Answering questions via email:

Alternatively, you can DM Shaykh on Instagram: @hujjataalim

Or WhatsApp/Call Shaykh on his Jamaat mobile phone:

Mobile Phone Number: 07721315893*
*If you are unable to get through to Shaykh, please leave him a message, and he will respond at his earliest convenience.

Feedback, suggestions and comments are also welcome on these platforms.

Recent Activities

The following are some of the programs Shaykh has held for the community:

Weekly Ladies only Tafsir
A weekly ladies only morning tafsir class, focussed on extracting the timeless lessons from the lives of the Holy prophets, that we can apply in our daily lives.

Gents only Hadith Class
A Gents only evening Hadith class