Burial Fund Scheme

The Jamaat operates a Burial Fund (BF) scheme whereby it meets all the burial related expenses within a set limit and within the current governing rules. The scheme is open to eligible households who make an annual up-to-date contribution to the fund.

A household having at least one paid member of KSIMCoL is eligible. Membership year runs from 1st July to the 30th June.  The paid member in the household will be designated as a BF Member. When there is no eligible male member in a family, then the eldest eligible female in that household will be designated as a BF Member. A household is defined as an eligible United Kingdom residential address in which eligible persons normally living therein are registered on the application / renewal form, and are normally resident in the United Kingdom.

For the period 1st July 2006 – 30th June 2007, the annual contribution is £30.  However,  this amount is subject to periodic reviews.  

Benefit will be payable only to registered eligible households who are up-to-date with their BF contributions. A sum to cover the total actual burial costs (but will not exceed the going total cost of burial at Brookwood – £2,745 for 2006/07) will be payable either to the next-of-kin or directly to the authorities, upon the production of a death certificate and an invoice/receipt from the relevant authorities.

The single contribution will extend the benefit to the BF Member and all registered eligible persons in that household, including registered eligible guests.

Multi-Residency in UK
Eligible members from a registered household who, from time to time, move to other households (say in the case of parents moving to childrens’ houses) must inform in writing to the BF of the move, and must have the other households registered as an eligible BF household. This is for the BF benefit to be effective in case of death at the other households.

Renewal Date
The benefit is effective from 1st July 2006 to 30th June 2007. Eligible members may join at any time, but subsequent annual renewals will be on the 1st July of every year. Renewal letters will be posted to the BF Members in early June of each year.

Rejoining eligible households must pay any BF contribution arrears since first joined (at current rates) before subsequent renewal.

Confirmation Letter
All the household details will be computerised and a confirmation of the BF membership and details will be posted to the household.

Change of Details
Please inform the BF Admin staff of any change in household details, such as change of address or a person moving out of or into the household etc.

More Information
For further information on the Burial Fund, please do not hesitate to contact via the Jamaat Office:

Mr. Mustafa Pirbhai 020 8954 6247
(Via Office)
Mr. Mustafa Datoo 020 8954 6247
(Via Office)
Dr. Mahmood Datoo 020 8954 6247
(Via Office)
Email: bf@hujjat.org