Hujjat Assistance Grant

We are offering a £500 Grant to Hujjat Jamat members who require financial help.The grant is open to members who have faced a change in financial circumstances relating to Covid-19 and can evidence a drop in income.

Our eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • You are a member of Stanmore Jamat
  • Your income has dropped due to Covid-19
  • You have less than £2k in savings (individual) or £4k as a couple/family
  • You are not a student

If you fulfil the above criteria kindly complete the short questionnaire below.

We require proof of ID along with the application.
Your application will be dealt with utmost confidentiality and discretion.

If you are having any problems submitting the form please email

If you do not fulfil above criteria but feel you need financial help, you can still apply for financial assistance via clicking on, or reaching us on / 020 8420 7923.