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01 February
09 Rajab
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01 February 2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Hujjat Seniors Citizens

10:00 am Registration, Meet, Greet and Tea
10:15 am Exercise
10:30 am Recitation of Holy Quran - Brother Sakalain Meghjee
10:40 am Announcement
10:45 am Hadith e Kissa - Brother Akbar Karawalli
11:00 am Qasida - Brother Rehman
11:15 am Guest speaker - Sheikh Abbas Jaffer
11:45 am Munajat - Brother Noorali Nasser
11:55 am Sura-e-Yaseen Brother Nazir Merali
12:10 pm Wadhu Break
12:21 pm Namaz

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01 February 2023
8:00 pm - 9:25 pm
Wiladat Eve- Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS)

8:00PM Holy Quran recitation - Salman Pirmohamed
8:05PM Hadith e Kisaa - Shiraz Kanji
8:20PM Majlis in English - Dr Ehsan Rangiha
9:10PM Announcements - Abbas Gulamali
9:15PM Qasida - Abbasali Muraj
9:22PM Ziyarat makhsus -
9:25PM Tabarruk

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02 February 2023
8:00 pm - 9:20 pm
Jumme Raat

8:00PM Sura e Yaseen - Mohamedmehdi Janmohamed
8:10PM Dua e Kumayl - Amirali Alimohamed
8:35PM Lecture in Urdu - Maulana Qalbe Abbas
9:05PM Announcements
9:10PM Ziyarat Waaritha - Muhammadali Khimji
9:20PM Tabarruk

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03 February 2023
12:21 pm - 1:25 pm
Jumma Khutba

12:21PM Jumma Khutba - Shaykh Anwer Jaffer

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Annual 30th Juz Hifdh Programme Shahr-Ramadhan 1444

Annual 30th Juz Hifdh Programme Shahr-Ramadhan 1444 “And we have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” ( Al-Qamar 54:17)  Registration for this years Annual 30th Juz Hifdh programme is now open for Boys…
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Du’a Memorisation Drive

Hidayah team x Active Intidhaar present: From Hujjat to Hujjat (a) Du’a Memorisation Drive Date: Saturday 11th March 2023 Venue: Hujjat Stanmore Open to all, ladies and gents, young and old! For more information and…
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Sultan Bhai Govani

(The Current Vice Chairman of KSIMC Hujjat Senior Citizens- Stanmore) – Biodata Born in Mbale, Uganda, Sultan was part of exodus of 1972 from Idi Amin’s Uganda, and landed with his family in Trollhattan, Sweden.…
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01 February 2023

Hujjat Seniors Citizens

01 February 2023

Wiladat Eve- Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS)

02 February 2023

Jumme Raat

03 February 2023

Jumma Khutba

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Fatemah Datoo and Jabir Pirmohamed

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The families of Fayaz & Sayeda Datoo of Canada and Hassan & Tahera Pirmohamed, are delighted…
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