About Us

The KSIMC of London (colloquially known as Hujjat Stanmore) first opened its doors in 1983. We are now one of the largest Islamic institutions in North-West London, regularly hosting worshippers at our seasonal programmes. Our congregation is predominantly made up of adherents to the Shia twelver (Shia Ithna Asheri) school of the Islamic tradition. As you would expect from an Islamic Centre, Hujjat Stanmore holds Friday Congregational Prayers (Jummuah) and events to commemorate important religious events. Details of all these programmes can be found in the Events section of this website.

However, Hujjat Stanmore is far more than simply a place for worshippers to come and pray. It is a buzzing, thriving community hub, catering to the social, welfare, educational and sporting needs of its members, with tailored offerings for young and old alike. On this website you will find information about all of these services, including our on-site ‘Outstanding’ rated Montessori, our cancer support group, our Green initiative, our housing scheme for first time buyers, and our award winning sports teams.

Interfaith work is also high on our list of priorities, and we regularly seek to engage with our neighbours from other faith traditions. We host an annual ‘Iftar’ programme during the month of Ramadhan (when Muslims fast during the hours of daylight), where we invite local councillors, faith leaders, business leaders, philanthropists and residents to join us in our meal to break our fast. We also host an annual ‘Hussein day’ conference, exploring the personality of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, who died in battle 1400 years ago fighting a tyrannical ruler who not only threatened the essence of the message of Islam, but flouted all known humane values in pursuit of personal power and pleasures. Hujjat Stanmore is also a proud member of Harrow Citizens and the Bushey Interfaith Forum, and we regularly hold ad-hoc hold inter-faith events at the Centre, particularly in response to global events.

Furthermore, we take our Islamic responsibility to perform charitable work very seriously. We actively support Sufra NW London, a local foodbank, and have raised funds to rebuild homes destroyed by flooding in Pakistan, to provide food to African families affected by drought, and offer displaced Syrian refugees food parcels and hygiene kits. Recently we worked with the Harrow Citizens Refugee Action Team to resettle two Syrian refugee families in London. Our members helped to decorate and prepare the homes, and donated household items and money to purchase the required necessities.