Resident Aalima

On behalf of Hidayah Team

Hidayah team is sub-committee under Hujjat’s Ladies Committee. It is dedicated to serving the ladies and girls of our community and attempts to fulfil the role of the resident aalimah of Hujjat.

Our Vision: From Hujjat to Hujjat (a). We want to aid the movement and progress of the Hujjat community towards becoming a community that Imam al-Hujjah (a) is proud of and can rely on.

To achieve this vision, we want to focus on three aspects:

  • Spirituality and Connection with Allah, the Qur’an and the Ahl al-bayt (a)
  • Islamic knowledge
  • Community Bonds


Tafsir, Fiqh and Aqaid classes
Fridays at 1:30pm we have tafsir sessions.
We have covered Surat al-Hashr and we have a few ayahs of Surat al-Hadid left.
Wednesdays at 11am we have Fiqh sessions.
We covered the topics of Ijtihad and Taqlid, wudhu, ghusl, tayammum, hayd, istihadha, najasat and taharat.
Monday evenings at 8pm we had Aqaid sessions, in which we covered the proofs for Tawhid.

The Friday and Wednesday sessions are still on going. We will be starting a new batch in September inshaAllah.


Answering ladies’ questions via email:

Alternatively, you can DM us on Instagram: @hujjataalima

Or WhatsApp message the ladies on the team:

Masuma Hassan: 07591750456
Yasmin Chagpar: 07717838236
Aaliya Yusufali: 07305137060

Feedback, suggestions and comments are also welcome on these platforms.

Previous Programmes

The following are some of the programs we held over the last year:

‘Baligha Blossoms’
5 days of 2-hour sessions with our 8-9-year-old girls live at Al-Zahra Centre, teaching the girls about the responsibilities that come with becoming baligha.

Talk and Kahoot quiz for the wiladat of Imam Ridha (a)
Part of HLC wiladat program which was held on Zoom, Hidayah team presented a talk and a very fun and informative Kahoot quiz.

Rounders and Pizza
Hidayah team collaborated with Stanmore Jafferys for three evenings of Rounders and Pizza. Each evening was dedicated to a different age group. Alhamdulillah all three evenings were thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

‘Baligha Blossoms’ Picnic
A follow-up session to see how the girls were getting on with their baligha responsibilities. We had pizza, games and a discussion at the park.

Spoken Word
Hidayah team organised for Spoken Word to be part of the Ladies Ashra Zainabiyyah morning majlises on two weekends.

The joys and struggles of memorising the Holy Quran
This session was a collab with Darul Quran wal Itrah. It was open only to ladies who had memorised at least one juz of the Quran. We had an informal discussion to share our joys and struggles as budding memorisers, breakfast and tips and tricks from a hafidha of the whole Quran.

Bintul Husayn Day talk
Part of the HLC program, Hidayah team presented a talk about how to carry forward the spirituality gained in Muharram and Safar till the next year.

Talk on Imam Mahdi (a)
HLC organised a program for the children of our community to celebrate the 15th Shaban and Hidayah team gave a short talk.

Munajat Sha’baniyyah
Hidayah organised a ladies program, parallel to the Thursday night program. We had a short talk introducing the munajat as well as its recitation.

Hidayah Team ‘Ask Your Question Desk’
Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Hidayah team had a little desk where ladies could ask their questions to the Hidayah team. Alhamdulillah this was very successful as nearly everyday we had at least a couple of people asking their questions.

Hidayah Quran Quiz on Instagram
Hidayah with the help of very talented volunteers produced the Hidayah Quran Quiz with different themes such as animals in the Quran, heros and heroines in the Quran, etc.

Quran recitation for the love of Rasulullah (s)
Hidayah along with Darul Quran wal Itrah organised a congregational recitation of Juz 10 and 15 to share in the sadness and joy of Rasulullah (s) on the wafat of his dear wife, Lady Khadijah (s) and the birthday of his beloved grandson Imam Hasan (a) as a gift to them. The reciters were some of Darul Quran wal Itrah’s best reciters.

Ramadan Special Ladies Program
Hidayah organised a ladies program parallel to the main program, where we had Quran recitation, du‘a, majlis and poetry/spoken word, all recited and performed by talented ladies.

Introducing a Hafidh/Hafidha
Hidayah was kindly given a 10 min slot by the Children’s Hifdh program team to introduce a Hafidh/ Hafidha to the public. The public also had a chance to test the hafidh/hafidha’s skills by asking them to complete an ayah of their choice. Both adults and children in the ladies and gents sections were left inspired and motivated to get closer to the Quran through memorisation.