Hujjat Welfare

As a community we have a compiled a set of programmes, initiatives and schemes to help those in need during these turbulent times. We pray to Allah SWT that these can benefit the community in the best possible way.

We have also included a tab on this page for those who are available to help. Please do not miss out on these opportunities to make a positive impact.

If you or anyone you know is having to self-isolate due to testing positive for Covid or because of NHS test and trace whilst on low income and unable to work from home, you could be entitled to a one off payment of £500 from the government:

Financial Assistance Scheme

If you are facing financial difficulties, We invite you to apply for financial assistance. We assure you that your application will be dealt with the utmost confidentiality. Depending on your circumstances, you will be offered financial advice by a specialist and if appropriate, a grant or loan.

Hujjat Assistance Grant

We are offering a £500 Hujjat Assistance Grant to Hujjat Jamaat members who require financial help. The grant is open to members who have faced a change in financial circumstances relating to Covid-19 and can prove a drop in income.

Social & Wellbeing Assistance (Inspirational Minds)

The Inspirational Minds Professional Advise and Support Service are here to support you for any physical, social and mental/psychological needs.

Hujjat Cancer Support Group Care Packages

HCSG is distributing care packages to those suffering or in remission from cancer during these unprecedented times.

Hujjat Helping Hands

At a time when the centre is shut, a Hujjat Helping Hands can help you to reconnect with fellow community members.

Hujjat Employment

If you are job hunting, please fill out this form and the Employment Team will match you with any current vacancies.

Register To Volunteer

Hujjat Welfare is recruiting volunteers to assist in this difficult time. Follow the link below to submit your details so we can match you with the right role for you.

Hujjat Employment

The Hujjat Employment Scheme aims to match those who have jobs to offer with those who are currently looking for work. Please click the button below to submit your opening!


Funds collected will be used during the Covid19 crisis for financial and social support, Buying essential goods and getting protective gear for the Burial team. Any funds left over after the Covid19 crisis will be used for the maintenance of the centre