Review: Al Haadi Youth Visits Parliament

Al Haadi Hujjat Youth
On Friday 2nd September, Al Haadi Youth were fortunate enough to take 20 students, 10 boys and girls, to the Houses of Parliament. Al Haadi Youth’s Personal Development team has always aimed to increase the political awareness, engagement and participation of our members. This event provided an opportunity to achieve as well as inspire our next generation. The day started with a workshop on democracy and voting led by Parliament’s education team. Here the students learnt about the nuances of the British political system, how general elections work, how our tax money is spent, the major political issues in the UK today and how to formulate policy. The workshop ended with a simulation of a General Election with students formulating policy and competing against others to try and become the Prime Minister. In addition, the students got a cinematic virtual tour of the Houses of Lords and Commons in the Parliament Cinema room. Finally, we talked about the presence and influence of Muslim politicians and how Parliament needs more representation from our communities. Overall, the trip was highly enjoyable, informative and eye-opening.

‘Our trip to Parliament with Al Haadi Youth was a great opportunity to learn about concepts that are relevant to all of us today and visit the centre of politics in the UK! As a politics student I was able to put my knowledge to use and further my understanding by asking questions to the experts there.’

Zahida Tejani, 17

“I really enjoyed Al Haadi Youth’s trip to the UK Parliament, the event broadened my horizons about UK politics,  gave me an insight into what happens inside and outside Parliament and made me a more politically engaged citizen”.