Heroes of Hujjat – Mustafa bhai Chandoo

Heroes, Hujjat

Launching our new initiative – Heroes of Hujjat. Join us as we find out more about the bedrocks of our community who make The KSIMC of London the home it is for so many.

BR. MUSTAFA CHANDOO (Past-President of The KSIMC of London, Stanmore Hujjat 1983-1989)

*Write-up by Noorali Nasser*

Mustafa Chandoo possesses a star quality that is unrivalled by others. He truly possesses charm, intelligence, and wit. He is inspired, artistic and talented for many things. If he lacks for anything, it is an introspective side. His ability to sway the opinions of others is nothing short of miraculous. Mustafa is an adaptable and a highly driven spirit pertaining robust personality. He is very cautious, charming, kind hearted and passionate. A lot of people are attracted by his charming personality. As compliments go, others have very good things to say about Mustafa. This is mainly because he always endeavor to maintain very good relationships with everyone. His nature empowers him to excude such qualities as empathy and friendliness.

Mustafa Chandoo is a calibre of legendary personality who is revered, admired and respected by all that know him and sundry for his sincerity, frankness and initiative with drive. He makes a mark everywhere he goes through his charismatic, magnanimous and amiable nature. He is a very soft spoken individual of a few words but makes an impact wherever he serves. He has been a very noble, humble and selfless star devotee to our community service, definitely an excellent role model to emulate!

During his 6 years span of leadership as a President of Hujjat KSIMC of London, Mustafa demonstrated that level of unprecedented courage and dynamism that has rarely been witnessed in our community. Despite his busy life, he was able to devote time to serve Hujjat in various tasks with great humility, dedication, love and devotion for the benefit of our community affairs including social, spiritual, financial and sports. Despite his stature and influence, he always exhibited great humility and understanding.

A man of many experience, Mustafa was able to face the challenges in the foundation for the development of our community as early as 1960’s with courage and forbearance, always proclaiming the strength he received from Allah (swt) through his unshakable belief and faith. This foundation for the development in London was laid in mainly by the students from East Africa and, eventually Mustafa was privileged and honoured to serve as its President from 1983 till 1989

Mustafa has been in the team which started the Stanmore Hujjat Hussaini Shia Islamic Centre, popularly known as “The Stanmore Project”. He has been involved in this project since its inception in 1984 but, as it is often said: 

“it is not the lofty sails but the unseen wind that makes the vessel move”.

Today, this Stanmore Centre Alhamdulillah is a milestone in the history of Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Community of London. History records the greater details and the parts played by all those unsung heroes……from the President down to his Executive Committee, the donors, the volunteers, various members of our community and, of course….. not forgetting our Marhum Mulla Asgherali M M Jaffer. Suffice to mention Mustafa has witnessed it all, that never in the history of our Community has there been so much across the board involvement in a project construction…… the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the strong and the feeble, men and women – all played their part in making a reality of what was for many years a mirage. Financial contribution was very important, but equally indispensible was the dedication and enthusiasm shown by all those volunteers who came on the site every Sunday to do physical work to prepare the old Imambara in the outer house.

By profession, Mustafa was a daring and an excellent Solicitor who truly functioned through complete faith in Allah (swt). He was truly a self-made man who cherished an excellent reputation in the legal field. To describe Mustafa’s personality, character and temperament in more detail ……he is affable, adventurous, conscientious, cultured, confident, discreet, dynamic, exuberant, gregarious, intellectual, inventive, philosophical, quick-witted, versatile, warmhearted and…..many more!!!

*“In short, Mustafa is an extremely wonderful human-being”*

May Allah (SWT) reward Mustafa bhai amply for his noble work, deeds and dedication….. Bless him in the dunyah (in this life) and Aakhira (in the life hereafter) with the mercy of Allah. May Allah (SWT) bless him with a happy, healthy, bountiful and a spiritually fulfilling successful life, Ameen!

Wishes tor par mere dilse, yeh ek do line hai hamari tarafse………

Waqt guzrega hum bikhar jayenge

Kaun jane hum kidhar jayenge

Hum sab bhai ki parchayi hai

Jahan aap hue tanha wahi hum nazar ayenge

“Barish ki tarah tujh pe barasti rahen khushiyan …..

Har boond tere dil se har ek gham ko mita de!”

*Mustafa bhai, bas yeh hai hamari sabki du’a aapke liye!*