Heroes of Hujjat – Makbul Jaffer

Heroes, Hujjat

Launching our new initiative – Heroes of Hujjat. Join us as we find out more about the bedrocks of our community who make The KSIMC of London the home it is for so many.BR. MAKBUL JAFFER*Write-up by Noorali Nasser*The pillars that form the foundation of some people’s personality and impact to emulate are dedication, sincerity, honesty and hard work. One such individual amongst our Stanmore Community members is Makbul Jaffer “Mukhi” whose dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring and whose experience, social and community services are remarkable! His community work speaks volumes of the kind of man he is– efficient, organized and result-oriented. He is equipped with the ability to work in chaotic environments but works hard to protect a harmonious ones instead. For he has what it takes… the drive, determination and the ability to persuade.My instincts tell me that Makbul has a way with people that makes him a commodity. He loves to be with people who appreciate good nature. Strong and confident, people look up to him. Community members say that he has a way with them that make them feel complete. Friends and family always seem to marvel at his ability to overcome obstacles and persevere until the job is done. He has the discipline of a soldier, and does not quit until the flag is lowered.Makbul is straightforward and honest with a generous nature….. often helps others more than they deserve. He is well educated with great will power, eloquence and self-confidence. He has a great personal flair, gifted with versatility, inner strength and a showy talent along with magnetism and charisma ….all wrapped in a charming disposition.BIODATA by Makbul JafferIn October 1975, I left Mombasa for Huddersfield (West Yorkshire, UK) for further studies in Accountancy.In Huddersfield, there was only one Khoja family at the time, that of dentist Dr. Murtaza Valji and Ruby Bhabhi, who at a later stage moved to Peterborough permanently. I used to accompany them regularly to Leeds whenever “majalis” were held privately at a family’s (Marhum Mohamedtaki Gulamali Ladak’s) house. This was during the time well before an end terraced house was eventually acquired by Leeds Jamat. With all due respect, I am forever greatly indebted to Murtazabhai Valji’s family for all their excellent hospitality, help and assistance during my education and stay in Huddersfield.In January 1986, I moved to London. I was elected Assistant “Mukhi” of Stanmore Hujjat Jamat for the term period 1987-89. My duties included formalities of allocating slots to reciters, setting up of schedule timings, smooth running of our routine ritual programmes and making general announcements.In 1987, my first Hajj was with Marhum Alhaj Anwerbhai Hasham. I totally became an active Volunteer with his ever popular over-subscribed Hajj Groups in the years 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1992. My biggest test in this Group, every year, was to keep up pace with Marhum Anwerbhai when striding for the Qurbani, whilst he was leading the march holding his “Mirinda” bottle totally high up on a stick!!In June 1990, I went back to Kenya (Nairobi) where I worked for Sameer Group whose ingenious Chairman, Marhum Naushadbhai Merali, was the best employer I have ever had. Whilst in Nairobi, I frequently took part in the Golden Crescent Group activities, and recited Marthiyas, Munajat and Du’as at the mosque.I also served as the Secretary of Nairobi Jaffery Sports Club for about five years during which the Club was built at Lavington. At this time, I became an active Cricket Umpire officiating both local and international matches. I represented Kenya as a Cricket Umpire at the ICC Associate Members Trophy held in Kuala Lumpur, in March/April 1997. (For further details, see the links here: Cricket CV; Newsletter 1; Newsletter 2)Finally, in August 1997 I farewelled “kwaheri” to Nairobi and returned with my family back to London.Pursuing my hobby, I advanced further to pass two exams on the Laws of Cricket and an Oral Exam at Lords thus enhancing my umpiring career, first in the Middlesex County Cricket Umpires Panel, and later in the Hertfordshire Association of Cricket Umpires Panel. Sadly in 2010, a retina tear in my left eye finally put an end to my umpiring progress, from the Premier League.Once again and whilst back in London, I re-continued my services to Stanmore Hujjat Jamat in various categories, generally preparing programme schedules and taking charge of “Namaz Mukhi”.I am currently the Hujjat Mukhi Team Lead, appointed from July 2022. I was also Hujjat’s CoEJ Councillor for the term 2019-21.Further, I take a very keen interest in moonsighting issues (“Ahsantum” to Alhaj Jafferbhai Dharamsi), and issue monthly emails of crescent forecasts to over 150 recipients. This act of gesture has probably accomplished me to being appointed as the Head of Hilal Advisory Team of the Council of European Jamats.At present, I also head the London Open Fajr project. I am currently exploring a suitable site to host a camera that will take constant photos of the Eastern Horizon at dawn, the results of which will then be analysed to determine London Fajr namaz time. This will be a similar project to the one already run by Birmingham Jamat that has been very successful. Many thanks to Dr Shahid Merali of Birmingham who has been a great help to me in this field, for which I am very grateful!At this juncture, may I please request a Sura-e-Fatiha for “ithale thawab” of Marhum Anwerbhai Hasham and Marhum Naushadbhai Merali, both role models in my life. May Almighty Allah elevate their status in Janatul Firdous, Ameen! Al fateha 🤲Lastly and after saying ShukrAllah, I thank my better half Sukaina, and my children Aaliya, Fatima, Razia and Mohamed Abbas for their absolute tolerance, patience and encouragement, as I dedicate all my above achievements and success mainly to them. JazakAllah!May Allah (SWT) reward Makbulbhai amply for his noble work, deeds and dedication….. Bless him in the dunyah (in this life) and Aakhira (in the life hereafter) with the mercy of Allah, Ameen.May Allah (SWT) bless him with a long, happy, healthy, bountiful and a spiritually fulfilling successful life to continue serving the community with greater zeal and commitment, Ameen.We wish Alhaj Makbulbhai a continued good long life’s journey blessed with divine health that leads to happiness forever.Wishes tor par mere dilse, yeh ek do line hai hamari tarafse………“Zaroor tumko kisine dil se pukara hoga,Ek baar to chand ne bhi tumko nihara hoga,Mayus hue honge sitare bhi us din,Khuda ne jab Zamin par tumko utara hoga….”