Heroes of Hujjat – Dr. Amir Lakha


*HEROES OF HUJJAT–*Launching our new initiative – Heroes of Hujjat. Join us as we find out more about the bedrocks of our community who make The KSIMC of London the home it is for so many.*DR. AMIR LAKHA**M.B.Ch.B. MSc(EDIN) DPM (RCPLond & RCSEng)**Write-up by Noorali Nasser*Dr. Amir Lakha was born in Mombasa, Kenya and studied at Allidina Visram High School (1965 Group).He practiced as a Family Physician in London and holds a Masters Degree in Pain Management from University of Edinburgh.He has worked in various medical fields both in Kenya and in England, and he retired in year 2009 to devote his full time to charity work. He established a Centre in Mtongwe, Mombasa for Economic Empowerment of very poor local population. They were taught Agriculture, Livestock Farming, Fish Farming, Agroforestry, Computing, Business start-up and management, Building Construction, Mining, Petroleum, Dressmaking and plans are in hand to start E-learning Courses and Courses for Repairs of Mobile Phones and Computers.Amir has been a leader of several charities and has received the Award of Fabulous CSR Global Leader from the World CSR Congress.He is the author of the Book, “HEADS YOU WIN TAILS YOU WIN”, a book about human nature, and another book, “40 Relationships Problems – How To Prevent Them”.He is a Consul for the Changemakers Group of InterNations and organises various charitable activities in London and workshops on various topics in other countries.He posts articles regularly on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and has a large number of followers on social media. He runs a Global Citizens Group for Global Peace on Facebook and lectures on various topics in various countries.He has spoken at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on “ Conflicts and Poverty” and at the World Bank in Washington DC on “Smart Cities for Refugees”.A. He is currently, making short videos on Motivation Talks on Topics like:1. How To Be Happy?2. Why Are You Restless?3. Get Yourself Organised4. Enjoy A Happy Relationship5. Do You Know What You Really Want?6. How To Cope With Financial Difficulties?7. Body LanguageThese videos are available on his YouTube Channel.B. He has organised 3 months’ Language learning course in Gujarati, Hindi and Kutchi using UTalk App and Zoom sessions 1 hour weekly conducted by a teacher from Mumbai. www.gtpcourse.comC. He has organised in the past Economic Empowerment Projects for Widows and Single Mothers in Dar-es-Salaam at the Udowe Mosque in Kariakoo. He heads an organisation “Novel Support Links” (NSL) – which guides Widows, Widowers and Divorcees to seek appropriate support. www.novelsupportlinks.comD. He is sponsoring the Digitalisation Project at Allidina Visram High School in Mombasa and assisting in enhancing the Educational Performance of students.E. He is planning to organise courses in Computer Repairs and Mobile Phone Repairs at the Centre in Mtongwe, Likoni, Mombasa.F. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Northwood Residents Association (NRA) and is responsible for the Health Department.G. He is a member of the Support Committee for Northwood Live-At-Home Scheme MHA.H. He has been nominated as the Keynote Speaker at the Centenary Celebrations of the renowned Allidina Visram High School in Mombasa in September 2023.I. He continues to participate in distribution of food parcels to the poor, helping Refugees with learning English, writing CVs and preparing for Interview appearances and providing starter packs to new born babies and toddlers of single mothers in Hostels.J. He continues to support charities – particularly for seniors and for Sports for youngsters as well as for Education and Health.K. He continues to provide talks on various topics worldwide, including on enhancing and retaining mother tongue and mother culture and has been doing so through several media including Khoja TV.L. He continues to read, watches videos and travels widely and is well informed about the current state of the world and the contemporary issues facing the world today.M. In his role as World Peace Ambassador, he intends to bring about peace at the individual level, at the family level, at the neighbourly level, the village and city level followed by national and international level. He has hinted in his world-renowned book, “HEADS YOU WIN TAILS YOU WIN”, at how he envisages it to be achieved in the 7th Chapter, “Towards Achieving a Peaceful and Harmonious World”N. A Motivation Talk to students of Allidina Visram High School, on 10th March 2023, during their Friday morning Assembly gathering. https://youtu.be/kjEBP-LCeCoAmir Lakha’s personality is defined by his assertive, restless and open nature. He is restless in his pursuits, tending to explore varying topics and subjects. When something strikes his interest, he will pursue it spontaneously with great fortitude and spirit. His eclectic nature is paired nicely with his openness and truth. Although people may feel that he is a bit too frank at times, his friends, family and all his other associates appreciate his honesty.Amir is an individual who is enthusiastic, expressive and very flexible. He is down to earth and usually well-balanced emotionally. He shares a desire for closeness, devotion and loyalty, and this can create a passionate and intense union. He loves to be at the forefront of issues.He is always doing things and going places. It’s like he can’t sit still. Typically, he acts on impulse, and this can be considered as a positive trait as he likes to travel and explore. This ability fulfils his needs to learn, for adventure and to be able to share his experiences with the others.Amir is an archer and symbol for abundance, beauty, love, intuition, ability to compromise, artistic expression of the joys and unselfishness.Amir is a fervent, loyal, and spirited person who is true to himself whatever the cost! He holds strong beliefs yet he is tolerant of others, even if he does enjoy a good debate and trying to “win” others to his perspective. While at times he can be restless due to an inquisitive and interested nature, he is also capable of great loyalty and dependability, valuing stability and permanency. He is sharp, diplomatic, confident, practical, enthusiastic, considerate, dependable and trustworthy. He is truly unique and not afraid to be himself!In essence, for any good community leader the qualities of sincerity, humility, an excellent vision and reliability are of utmost paramount importance. Wherever Amir took up any leadership position, he would be extra careful to hold such principles uppermost in his mind to identify the needs and the community’s current problems in order to be able to construct the necessary strategy to achieve that vision.Amir has been been the President of our KSIMC of London at Stanmore Hujjat for 3 separate terms and also worked for other Charitable Organisations including the World Federation and JIBA Europe. Previously, he was a General Practioner (GP) following his Masters Degree in Pain Management from the University of Edinburgh. Currently he has retired from his normal active medical practice but keeps equally busy with running his own Charity, “Humanitarian and Charitable ONE Trust” (HACOT) and, organising many various other projects. Amir has also set up a charity project in Kenya with the main objective of achieving “reduction of poverty”.Furthermore, Amir co-authored a book on marriage, “Marriage – a step towards fulfillment in Life” with Marhum Mulla Asgharali M M Jaffer. His second Book, “Heads – you win, Tails –you win” with the subtitle – Life is a School, Life is a Stage and Life is a Game, was published in 1993 (Edition 1) and the 2nd Edition was published in 2013.It is the correctness of intention and sincerity that elevates a people’s worldly action and makes it into prayer. During Amir’s terms of office as a President, together with his Executive Committe they achieved a tremendous success on their actions *(see here),* and needs for the community, ultimately “lillah” simply for the pleasure of Allah (swt).May Allah (SWT) reward Amirbhai amply for his noble work, deeds and dedication….. Bless him in the dunyah (in this life) and Aakhira (in the life hereafter) with the mercy of Allah, Ameen.May Allah (SWT) bless him with a long, happy, healthy, bountiful and a spiritually fulfilling successful life to continue serving the community with greater zeal and commitment, Ameen.We wish Alhaj Amirbhai a continued good long life’s journey blessed with divine health that leads to happiness forever.Wishes tor par mere dilse, yeh ek do line hai hamari tarafse………“Tera saath hai toh hamari saath kya kami haiTeri har muskan se mili ham sab kushi haiMuskuraate rehna isi tarah humeshaKyonki teri is muskan mein hamari sabki jaan basi hai”