Guest of Honour at Hujjat Islamic Centre


The Stanmore Hujjat Husseini Islamic Centre “Gents Seniors” today, had the privilege of a special visit and presence of the honourable President of Shia Hussaini Islamic Centre of Orlando, brother Mahmood Ahmed Habib Dhalla.

Brother Mahmood gave a wonderful brief lecture to our Seniors on the subject of “leadership”, thereby emphasising specifically that our endeavours should always focus in following the right path and hence avoid the ill-gotten route and temptations of the devil “Shaitaan”. Further, he urged the Seniors to continue assisting and advising the leadership with all their experience, as he considers them to be the “Jewels” of our community.

Mahmood was then requested to offer and recite Surat-ul-Yasin,  which he delivered very eloquently!

After all the routine ritual was over, Mahmood had the opportunity to meet all the Senior dignitaries individually for casual chat and with whom some “Kiswahili” sentences were exchanged. The Seniors were extremely delighted to note this young leader who is the present President of one of our fastest growing Jamaats in the World.

Mahmood was accompanied and escorted by his childhood friend,  Sajjad Tejani who is the Stanmore Vice President of Hujjat Jamaat.