Growth & Self Development

Ladies commitee

Hujjat Ladies Committee presents Growth & Self Development sessions

A unique opportunity with Sister Uzma naqvi-a qualified holistic transformational life coach-equipping you with tips of how to recognise yourself and providing you with a unique opportunity to grow within yourselves and develop your relationship with those around you. All at an amazing price of £10 ppps. All 6 sessions need to be paid for at the start.

Venue: Hujjat Centre Gents main hall

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Price: £10 per person (£60.00 for full course, needs to be paid at the start)

To register pls click on the link below:

Uzma Session1

Salaams and Du’as

Hujjat Ladies Committee

Pls note this is Ladies only