Community Conversation – in Conversation with Alhaj Murtaza Bandali

Community Conversations

Alhaj Murtazabhai Bandali, a well known elder personality who is a ‘Maalim’ to all of us. He has led Namaz e Jummah for the community and lectured on varieties of Islamic topics over the years. He recites Quran, Adhan, Nawha and Marshia in a unique voice that reminds us of our days in East Africa. His melodious voice brings out our fondest memories of our days in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.

Murtazabhai was born in August 1937 and did his primary schooling in the famous Sir Euan Smith Madressa and went on to obtain his Cambridge school certificate in 1957. He studied Quran at a very young age from Marhum Mohamedali and Kulsumbai Bank and did religious study at School Faiz. He joined British High Commission in Zanzibar as a Translator and then moved to Dar es Salaam and worked at the British High Commission in the immigration section. In 1977, he emigrated to UK and worked at the British Council till 1983. After 1983, he worked in a book shop, eventually opening this own book distribution shop – “Alif International “.

His community services are wide ranging and included teaching Quran in Zanzibar and London. He has been a committee member in Dar es Salaam Jamaat and Hujjat Jamaat, Stanmore. His recitations of Quran, Adhan, Marshia and Nauha are very popular and in demand