Hire of Hujjat Centre

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  • Guidelines for Hire of Hujjat Centre for Weddings/Mandwo/Registration

    When you hire out the Hujjat premises for an event or function, please abide by the following:   Timings and Hiring
    • The timings for any function taking place will need to be approved in advance by the Jamaat Office. During Term times, weekend functions may not commence before 5pm. For Bank Holidays, please contact the Jamaat Office.
    • The Jamaat reserves the right to take multiple bookings for the same date. The Halls will be allocated on a first come, first served, basis.
    • Please keep to the timings agreed in advance, and ensure that functions do not -run. The hire fee will cover a three-hour hire period. After three-hours, a surcharge of up to £100 per hour will become payable.
    • Apart from Wedding Registrations, if any other mixed function is held at the Centre, then both the Ladies and Gents halls should be hired. Mixed gatherings are not permissible under any circumstances.
    • A deposit of 50% will be required for confirmation of your Hire. This will be refundable should you require to cancel your booking at least 72 hours before the date of the booking. You will lose your deposit if your booking is cancelled less than 72 hours before.
    • The catering for functions taking place in the Centre will be prepared in the Centre’s kitchens.
    • Please do not approach any cooks directly to request them to cater for your function. The Jamaat Office is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate number of cooks are available on the day.
    Dress code for main and private functions
    • Ladies will need to ensure that they are modestly dressed.
    • For Wedding Registrations, the bride and all female guests must observe Hijab.
      Preparing the Bridal area
    • Access will be provided to the Centre for the purpose of decorating the bridal area on the afternoon of the function. Please liaise with the admin office to arrange this. Please do not stick any decorations on the walls.
    • You are permitted to arrange for one flower pot to be located on either side of the bridal seat (i.e. two in total)
    • All decorations, including the bridal sofa, must be cleared by the hirers at the end of the function. You are not permitted to store any furniture overnight in the Centre.
    • The bride should enter from the front of the Hall.
    • Please do not present the bride with more than seven items at a function.
    • It is not appropriate for the bride’s shoes to be brought into the Centre for presentation.
    Confetti, flowers and suwa-dana
    • Please refrain from throwing or sprinkling confetti, flower petals and suwa-dana, either inside or outside the Centre.
    Video Filming
    • Video Filming, whilst permitted, should be restricted to the ceremony and the close family members. Filming of the public during or after the function is not permitted.
    • Although photography is permitted, only the allocated photographer in the ladies section may take photographs in the ladies hall. Guests are not permitted to take their own photographs, in order to preserve the hijab of the female guests. Any guests seen taking photographs (including on their phone) will be asked to refrain from doing so, and a failure to comply may result in the confiscation of their camera/phone for the duration of the function. They may then collect their camera/phone from the Jamaat Office once the function has ended.
    • At mixed functions, where both the ladies and gents hall is hired, men may not enter the Ladies hall and vice versa. Specifically, the groom is not permitted to enter the Ladies hall for the purposes of taking photographs.
    The Jamaat reserves the right to amend the above guidelines as and when required.