Hujjat Building Works

‘’Those who contribute their money in God’s way are like a seed that sprouts seven heads, in each of which are a hundred grains. God grants such multiple increase to whom He wills. God is Infinite and All-Knowing.” [Surat al Baqarah, Verse 261]

Our beloved Centre is in need of urgent repairs, following decades of wear and tear, and the devastating impact of rains last summer. Once complete, our Centre will once again be a safe and modern facility that will cater to the needs of the entire community.

This task can only be accomplished with the generosity of the community. Please donate whatever you are able to for this very noble cause.

Building Works Raffle

We’re excited to announce a fantastic opportunity! A generous donor has offered two Qatar Airline’s Business Class tickets to any country in the Middle East or Africa, from any UK airport! Simply grab a Raffle ticket (or 10) to enter! All proceeds go back to the Building works fund with each ticket at just £10 each or 10 for £90!

For any other questions, please email