Hujjat COVID guidelines 11.04.2022

News, Secretariat

As we continue to enjoy the relaxation of Covid restrictions this Ramadhan, we have been informed of a number of cases of Covid in our community.

Alhamdulillah, the rate of serious illness and death is low across the UK, however we would like to remind our members to take caution in the coming weeks.

1. If you feel un well, please consider joining the programme online until you feel better.

2. If you have tested positive, please only return to programmes once you have tested negative again.

3. Masks have always been and continue to be highly recommended during the programme except during iftar to avoid spreading the virus unknowingly.

4. For our seniors, and those with underlying medical conditions, we request you to take extra caution when attending the programme.

Please support us in ensuring we get through this Holy Month without having to implement stricter restrictions.