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Hujjat | Al Zahra Centre Watford COVID guidelines

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If your circumstances change after completing the form, it is your moral and religious duty to inform the team to ensure the safety of other community members. Failure to do so may affect your ability to attend future events, and you risk putting other community member’s lives at risk. Contact us on admin@hujjat.org or 020 8954 6247

Hujjat is organising live programmes to facilitate a limited number of attendees whilst adhering to strict COVID guidelines. Please note, each attendee has the individual resposnibility to comply with our COVID guidelines whilst also ensuring they are aware of their own circumstances prior to signing up for the event. We will continue to live stream our programmes to facilitate our members who are unable to join us at the Al Zahra Centre, Watford.

His Emminence Sayyid Ali Husayni Sistani has said:

“If someone is infected with the virus and does not adhere to the health guidelines in his interactions with others and the other party is unaware [that the person is infected], then HE WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY HARM that the other party suffers.”

“If it leads to the other party’s death, he MUST PAY BLOOD MONEY. And if the other party is a worker who makes a living by working, then during the period of his treatment and his inability to work, he is LIABLE TO PAY HIM [for loss of earnings] at the standard rate.”

His Emminence Sayyid Ali Husayni Sistani

Centre: Al Zahra Centre, Watford

Centre location: 81 Fearnley St, Watford WD18 0RB

  1. All attendees must wear a face mask at all times, no exceptions. (Before entering the centre, during the whole event, whilst leaving the centre).

If you don’t wear a mask for any reason, and refuse or cannot wear one when asked to do so, unfortunately you will not be allowed to enter the premises. We understand some people may be medically exempt from wearing the mask. For the safety of the rest of the congregation, you will not be allowed to remain on the premises unless you wear a mask.

  1. Maintain social distancing of 2m at all times.
  2. Maintain all social distancing requirements.
  3. Follow volunteer guidelines at all times.
  4. All attendees must be aged above 9 years. Those aged 65 and above who have not been vaccinated with atleast 1 COVID 19 vaccine, are not permitted to sign up for these events.
  5. No gathering is allowed inside the centre or outside the centre.
  6. No hand shaking/hugging/contact with any other attendee (outside your household bubble).
  7. Anyone who is unwell, has an underlying health condition or is within a vulnerable group must not attend the centre. Details for contact tracing will be taken on arrival.
  8. All attendees must bring their own shoe bags.
  9. Use the washroom/perform wudhu before visiting the centre.
  10. Don’t eat or drink on premises unless advised to do so.
  11. Please keep the centre tidy
  12. All COVID protocols in place at the centre must be strictly followed.

For prayers;

  1. Please bring your own turbat / moor – these will not be available at the centre.
  2. Bring your own prayer mat.
  3. Please do wudhu prior to attending the centre.

All attendees of any event at Hujjat event in conjunction with Al Zahra Centre agree to the following:

  • Any attendee has not in the last 14 days prior to the event, experienced any of the following Covid symptoms – Fever, New continuous Cough, Loss of sense of taste or smell; been in contact with someone with Covid symptoms; been asked to quarantine/self isolate by a Health Care Professional or NHS Contact Tracing; have attended a gathering where Covid safety measures (Masks, Social Distancing, Indoor Gatherings outside your bubble, Outdoor Gatherings >6 people) were not observed
  • Any attendee has committed to informing the Hujjat Admin team (admin@hujjat.org) if their circumstances change after the submission of the registration form.
  • Any attendee is aware that there is still a risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19 by attending a Hujjat organised programme despite all the safety measures, and the Hujjat Jamaat or Al Zahra Centre Watford will not be held liable for any ill health/losses as a result of catching the virus.
  • Any attendee of the event is aware that in the event of an outbreak, or any positive Covid-19 cases, they have consented to be contacted by the Jamaat, or for thier details to be given to NHS Contact Tracing if needed.


By: Mohamedasif
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