Hujjat welcomes all people with disabilities

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We are striving towards being a community that caters for Special Edicational Needs and Disabilities. This Shahr Ramadhan, we have introduced:

• Visual timetable symbols on screens at the start of each segment of the program.
• ’Smile badges’ available at the treasurers’ desks for you and/or your child if you would like volunteers and others to know you have a disability or additional needs and may need support
• Visual timetables are available to download from

Let’s all do our bit to make everyone feel welcome and accepted in our Centre!

Hujjat strives to ensure that programmes are as accessible and inclusive as possible. This shahr Ramadhan, we are pleased to introduce some initiatives that will help make your visit to Hujjat, smooth and enjoyable inshaAllah including a visual timetable for use before and during the programme, which you will find here .

We value your feedback so please get in touch if you have suggested amendments to the above or require an amended visual timetable: