Heroes of Hujjat – Sultan bhai M D Kermalli


Launching our new initiative – Heroes of Hujjat. Join us as we find out more about the bedrocks of our community who make The KSIMC of London the home it is for so many. 

BR. SULTAN M D KERMALLI (Chairman of KSIMC Hujjat Senior Citizens- Stanmore)

Write-up by Noorali Nasser

Sultan Kermalli is a gem of a person…..an absolute gentleman! He is an ideal human being who treats one and all seniors with a gentle hand and a caring disposition. He is an amiable, fascinating and inspiring personality, whose presence at any gathering would enliven the occasion by his immense gifted sense of humour along with recognition, at all times, of his honorary and selfless services to the Community at large. He tends to radiate a calm and appealing manner that readily attracts others. By nature, he is very loyal to all members and espouses a good cause passionately. He has what it takes… the drive, determination and the ability to persuade. He has a good ability to organize and manage.

Sultan is an obedient son, a supportive brother, a loving and caring husband and father. He possesses a versatile personality and strong but gentle presence, worn with grace and amiability alongside his typical loveable charm. He is empathic natured, and compelled to be protective of others less fortunate.

Sultan was born in the Old Town Forodhani District of Zanzibar Island on 13th September 1943, and was the fifth child of his parents Mohamehussein bhai and Fatma bai M D Kermalli who were blessed with nine children.

He completed his primary education at Sir Euan Smith Madressa (ESM School) before moving to King George VI Grammar School in 1960 to pursue his secondary school. On completion of his secondary education and after Zanzibar Revolution, he came to UK in 1964 to pursue his education studying Telecommunication at a Technical College.

During Christmas holidays, he worked odd jobs as a postman to earn his living. As a postman, he was constantly being chased by dogs. During summer holidays, he worked in restaurants washing dishes. Alhamdulillah, by the grace and infinite mercy of Almighty Allah, he finally finished his Telecommunication education.

He worked for IAL for 7 years and then joined British Airways in 1973 until his retirement in 2008.

Sultan got married in Zanzibar in 1968 to Gullbanu bai Amirali Khakoo. He is blessed with one son and two grand children, one boy and one girl.

He commenced his intensive active part with Senior Citizens after his retirement in 2008.

Though he is a very busy man, Sultan always makes time for everything at Community.

He serves Senior Citizens very quietly and fervently with humility without seeking recognition which is indeed worthy of emulation. His meritorious contribution is and will always be cherished!

May Allah (SWT) reward Sultan bhai amply for his noble work, deeds and dedication….. Bless him in the dunyah (in this life) and Aakhira (in the life hereafter) with the mercy of Allah, Ameen.

May Allah (SWT) bless him with a long, happy, healthy, bountiful and a spiritually fulfilling successful life to continue serving the community with greater zeal and commitment, Ameen.

“We pray, may Allah (SWT) reward him with goodness for the immense work he is doing, for no good deed and effort should be belittled – however small or big”

“Jazaakumullaahu Khayran”
Keep up the good work, Sultan bhai. You may not be getting paid for your efforts but the reward with Allah is much greater, for indeed this is the utmost praise. This is because the reward is from Almighty Allah, “The Most High!” It is great, for indeed the reward of Allah and His Giving has no end to it.