Imam Ali (AS) Exhibition – THE LEGACY

The Prince of Believers exhibition showcases the life of Imam Ali (a) and is the most expansive visual exhibition to date. It spans over 25 rooms catapulting the viewer into 93 captivating stations across 2,600 square meters of space to include the full-scale reconstruction of the Kaa’ba to the fateful night the Imam was struck in Kufa. 

This exhibition has taken over a year to plan, 6 months of construction and 250 workers to bring it to life.

The feel of this exhibition is akin to that of a museum, where the pieces have been carefully and lovingly created and curated to highlight this amazing Imam (a). There are stations where the event of Ghadeer is portrayed, the geese calling out to the Imam as he leaves the house on the night he was struck, the stunning display of his Ahadith and the attention to detail when displaying the battles are very impressive. These are just some of the many incredible spectacles on display.

In a time where there is such a scarcity of high quality, well researched, state of the art portrayals of our historical narrative, The Prince of Believers exhibition truly shines. It creates an experience for the visitor to fully immerse themselves into a different world where children and adults learn in ways that they will never forget. 

Open on weekends 2.00pm to 6.00pm