This Ramadhan, you can gift a loved one the blessings and deeds of a donation to one of our charitable funds.

How does it work?

1 – Pick a fund below

2 – Select ‘Give in honour or in memory‘ and enter your name, the name of the recipient and your message to that person.

3 – If you would like us to send an email to that person, select ‘Email A Card’ and give us the email address of person you are donating for.

4 – Once you have completed your donation, we will automatically send an email card to your loved one with details of their gift!

Select your fund here!

Other funds

Please visit for a list of all the funds You can gift a donation for all excluding:

  • Khums
  • Fidya
  • Fitrah
  • Childrens Islamic Library
  • Kaffarah
  • Announcements


Do I need to give the email address of the recipient?
No, you can make a donation without notifying the person you are making the donation for. If you give us their email address, we can send them an email notifying them with your donation and message but this is optional.

Will the recipient know the amount of my donation?
You have the option to hide the amount when writing your message.