Annexe Children Pledging their allegiance to our Imam!


Alhamdulillah, during the Ashra Zainabiyya nights, the Annexe children were given an amazing opportunity!

A flag, to be transported from Kadhmain to blessed by our 7th & 9th Imam and then to Samarah to be blessed by our 10th and 11th Imam, then to Najaf to be blessed by our Mawla Ali AS then to Karbala to Abul Fazal Abbas and the Shuhada before being placed in the shrine of Imam Hussain AS was brought to the Annexe.

The children were given the amazing opportunity to allow the children attending classes, to also write their name on the flag – pledging their allegiance to our Imam and a hope that InshAllah they will also be given the opportunity to undertake this blessed event.

With Salaams & Duas,
Annexe Team

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