Responding to Controversies About Ziyarat Ashura (4 week course)

Responding to Controversies About Ziyarat Ashura

Some of the questions that will be addressed on this short course are:

  • Is Ziyarat Ashura authentic?
  • How do we make sense of the la‘nats in the ziyarat?
  • Are we asking God or Imam Husayn (a) to fulfil our wishes?
  • What do the ambiguous passages in the ziyarat mean?
  • How can a vast group of people be subjected to damnation in one stroke?
  • Why do we recite this ziyarat so much?
  • What is the significance of the last part we recite in sajdah?

Dates:  12th, 19th, 26th October and 2nd November

Time: 8pm-10pm

This will be an interactive course and no recordings will be available.

£10 is the non-refundable fee. The cost of this course should not be a barrier to anyone. If for any reason you cannot afford this fee, please email us: – we will keep all such emails completely confidential


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