LC India Relief raffle

The Hujjat LC team have organised a raffle to be held on Eid night to raise money for India COVID situation.

The situation on the ground in India is extremely desperate and accelerating uncontrollably. The new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our people and indeed the region at large is unprecedented, with global records of infections being witnessed on a daily basis. 349,691 official cases were recorded in India on Sunday 25th April alone.

Now, we want to go a step further by helping to fund and facilitate medical necessities. Our community across India, especially in Gujarat as well as Maharashtra have been severely affected with several deaths occurring daily and cases are sadly on the surge. Some reports suggest that 1 in every 4 families have a member that has been infected by the virus.

Whilst the situation is really bad in the country, with healthcare workers finding it extremely difficult to meet the medical needs of its population, our communities in India have been able to mobilize resources and are Alhamdulillah working tirelessly in providing support to its members, as far as feasible, including setting up temporary clinics with makeshift beds, providing oxygen equipment and other medical necessities. In order to continue meeting the needs, they now need your help.

This is our opportunity to help and ensure that crucial medical necessities continue to reach those in need!

At this hour of tremendous trial and difficulty, let us show our utmost support to our communities in India.

Start date: 6th May 2021
End date: 13th May 2021 – 12.00pm
Price is £5 per ticket.


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