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22 March
29 Shaban
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22 March 2023
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Eve 1 Mahe Ramadhan 1444AH

8:00PM Darsa of Qur'an
8:45PM Dua e Iftetah - Haani Merali (YDD)
9:05PM Announcements - Kazim Ismail
9:10PM Lecture - Sheikh Mohammad Javad Shomali
9:40PM Ziyarat
9:45PM Tabarruk
10:00PM Dua e Jawshan e Kabeer - YDD (Girls and Boys parallel)
(Boys Dua e Jawshan Kabeer AliAbbas Janmohammed, Rayhan Muraj, Mohammed Abbas Parpia, Farhan Muraj, Hussein Mawji, Sajjad Husayn Kanani, Maitham Hassanali, Mujtaba Dewji, Sajjad Suleman and Alireza Hamir) 
(Girls Dua e Jawshan Kabeer: Inayah Merali, Ruqayyah Merali, Maryam Rehmani, Sajida Bachoo, Sakina Fatima Hamir, Noor Hamir, Fatima Bachoo, Aleyah Merali, Sana Fatema Mamdani, Fatima Zahra Mithwani) 

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23 March 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Ramadhan – Children’s Afternoon Programme

4.00 - 4.45pm  Qur'an
4.45 - 5.05pm  Dua
5.05 - 5.30pm  Lecture
Age - 4 - 12 years
Topic: Sura Al Qalam (068)

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23 March 2023
8:00 pm - 10:05 pm
Eve 2 Mahe Ramadhan 1444AH

8:00PM Darsa of Qur'an
8:35PM Dua Kumayl - Haji Hassan Mirzakhani
9:00PM Dua e Iftetah - Abbasali Muraj (YDD)
9:20PM Announcements - Hasnain Mamdani
9:25PM Lecture - Shaykh Mohammad Javad Shomali
9:55PM Ziyarat Waaritha - Abbasali Riyaz Rajabali
10:05PM Tabarruk

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24 March 2023
12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Dua Night

More details to come! We will update this page closer to the event. To stay tuned, visit to join our WhatsApp Updates group and follow our social media pages

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22 March 2023

Eve 1 Mahe Ramadhan 1444AH

23 March 2023

Ramadhan – Children’s Afternoon Programme

23 March 2023

Eve 2 Mahe Ramadhan 1444AH

24 March 2023
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