Maternal Support

The Hujjat Maternal Support Service (HMS) is open to anyone on the motherhood journey from pre-pregnancy until their children reach the age of two (although some of our events will extend to support those with slightly older children). We are led by a team of mums and professionals who are well-versed in the challenges of motherhood.

Our service aims to provide support for new and expecting mothers within our community and engage them through relevant initiatives which are aligned with the values and principles of our faith. Our intention is to create an inclusive, safe space which will ultimately enable mothers to protect their mental health. We have multiple workstreams who are working to provide a variety of initiatives from events to networking, peer support and much more.

Why HMS?

20% of women experience mental health difficulties during pregnancy and the perinatal period (up to 2 years after giving birth), and ethnic minorities are not presenting to mental health services in line with population demographics. As a community, we are uniquely positioned to offer support and help mothers by creating opportunities for networking and removing social isolation, providing peer support, practical support and specialist support.

Our Workstreams


Antenatal Support Events: Led by – Khudayja Datoo Jaffer – “Building your support system from the get-go”

Postnatal Mums only events – Led by –  Saira Sheikh & Sabera Hashim –  “Filling your cup”

Postnatal Mums & Babies Events – Led by Sakina Kanani – “Nurturing Happy Hujjat Hearts”

Networking & Support Led by Zahra Datoo

Get In Touch

You can reach out via email at We will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Please note we do not offer clinical advice that can be dealt with by existing health services, and we are not an emergency service.

In order to ensure that we can create a safe space and professionally provide support, our services require membership to access. Join now for a FREE membership and be the very first as we open our doors by filling out the membership form below.

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