Deadline Extended Till Eid-E-Ghadeer

Win Two Business Class Tickets To Any Qatar Airways Destination in the Middle East or Africa

Fly In Luxury To A Destination Of Your Dreams

We at Hujjat are extremely excited to announce an amazing and generous 2021/2022 Business Class Giveaway that you won’t want to miss! 

Have you ever experienced the luxury of a Business Class flight? The service? The comfortable flat bed? The food? The PRICETAG?  Whether or not you’ve had the chance we all know the value of a Business Class ticket. We’ve got an opportunity for you to win all the perks, by simple entering our raffle.

In order to support the rebuild of our beloved Hujjat centre, you have the chance to win TWO Qatar Airways Business Class tickets to any destination in the Middle East or Africa, from any UK airport!*. You can read more about the property fund below.

 The world is slowly starting to reopen, and this is the best way to get excited for a journey to your dream destination in 2021/2022.


All you have to do is simply buy a raffle ticket to be eligible! Each ticket purchased costs only £10, or you can get 10 tickets for only £90. Here’s how you enter:

1. Simply select the number of tickets you want and head to the checkout.
2. Each ticket purchased equals the number of times you’ll be entered into the draw.
3. Then wait…the winner will be announced on the 29th July 2021 to celebrate Eid!

All proceeds go back to the Hujjat Property Fund, working towards regenerating our lovely centre.  See below for more on this initiative.

*QR T&C apply

Hujjat Property Fund

“Those who contribute their money in God’s way are like a seed that sprouts seven heads, in each of which are a hundred grains. God grants such multiple increase to whom He wills. God is Infinite & All-Knowing.” Al Baqarah, v261.

Our beloved Centre needs urgent repairs, following decades of wear and tear, and the devastating impact of rains last summer. Work has begun, but we need each and everyone’s support to continue the work, in order to rejuvenate our beautiful centre.

We’re all so excited to get back into the centre, So let’s rally the forces and share this exciting opportunity with everyone you know.

Please donate what you can towards this cause.