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Salaam alaikum,

Inshallah you are well.

Unfortunately due to a decline in the number of YDD students over the past couple of years, we will no longer be holding dua classes for boys and girls  from this year onwards.

If you would like your child (aged 4-12yrs) to recite the short duas, Dua Tawassul or Dua Iftitah in the main hall, please email with your name, contact details, childs name, age and dua(s) they  wish to recite. It is imperative that your child is able able to recite Quran fluently if he/she would like to recite Dua Tawassul or Dua Iftitah. We will InshaaAllah get back to you nearer the Holy Month of Ramadhan with an invitation for assessment during a Thursday programme prior to the Holy Month. Kindly ensure your son/ daughter has/have practiced thoroughly and is/are fluent in the dua(s) which they wish to recite.

Please note, all boys may recite the short duas after Maghrib and Ishaa as well as one other dua, subject to fluency and slot availability.

With duas,

YDD Team

By: hmistryh
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