Voices of Passion – In Praise – Forthcoming Qasida CD

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The first is to sponsor a page in the CD Booklet for £100 each whereby text similar to “THIS PAGE HAS BEEN SPONSORED IN THE MEMORY OF THE MARHUMEEN OF THE [INSERT NAME] FAMILY”, “THIS PAGE HAS BEEN SPONSORED IN THE MEMORY OF MARHUM [INSERT NAME]”, or “THIS PAGE HAS BEEN SPONSORED IN THE MEMORY OF MARHUMA [INSERT NAME]” is printed.  Of the 20 possible pages on which such text can appear, 15 have already been taken – that leaves five open slots.  This an excellent opportunity for unlimited reward (Sawabe Jari) for those who have passed away. 
The second is to seek corporate sponsors at £500 each in return for which the sponsor’s name, logo and web address is to appear on the back of the CD case as well as on the Voice of Passion’s website and, if the corporate sponsor wishes, a link to their website – that link is to be kept live from when the Qasidas appear on the website to Muharam 1431.  There were four slots, two of which are almost certainly taken.  One further donor has stated that he will sponsor one of those slots for us to advertise Zainabia Child Sponsorship Scheme.  That leaves one slot open.  Whilst comment cannot be made on whether there will be a direct commercial return to the corporate entity sponsoring, the Almighty knows it all and rewards the decision makes in ways only He knows best. 

In both cases the funds are being collected through the KSIMC of London whose processes apply to all payments being made in respect of this project. 

If you are interested in supporting “In Praise”, the next CD being produced by Voices of Passion by either of the two methods suggested above or you want to discuss any other method of donation or sponsorship please contact any any one of Akber Datoo, Ali Panju, Abul-Kassim Meghjee as soon as possible – the ideal is a response through 


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