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Urdu Speaker – Dr. Syed Muhammad Hasan Rizvi

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·         Research Scholar, Dy. Director Islamic Research Center Karachi
·         Ex-Professor Allama Iqbal Open University
·         Director, Research for Islamic Studies, Karachi University
·         President Academy of Quranic Studies
·         Advisor Pak Muharram Education Trust
·         Advisor Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd
·         Reciting central Majalis at U.K., UAE, USA, Canada, Africa, Hong Kong, Mascat, India and Pakistan since 1967
·         Khateeb Mahfil-e-Shah-e-Khorasaan Karachi
Quran-e-Mubeen – simplest & easiest possible translation of the Holy Quran, in day to day spoken Urdu language
Khulasa – tul – Tafaseer – summary of tafaseers from all the important schools of thoughts, of Islam, including tafseer-e-Ahlaybait (30 volumes)
Usool-e-kafi – Easiest and simplest translation of the selected text (Urdu & English)
Rooh – e – Quran – summary of selected topics of Holy Quran (Urdu & English)
Rooh aur Mout ki Haqeeqat – The available details to understand death and rooh (spirit)
Kalam Shah Bhittai – Selection & Urdu Translation
Word by word English translation of Holy Quran
Introduction of Shia believes from the authentic Sunni books (A practical effort for inter sectarian unity)
Tafseer of 30 most important Suras of Holy Quran
Subjective Tafseer (commentary) of 100 (most important) subjects of Holy Quran
Asbaat o Marefat –e- Khuda (Proves of existence and recognition of God) – in the light of the modern research
Recognition of Ahl-e-Bayt from authentic Sunni books
Recognition of Imam Mehdi A.S. & our responsibilities
Selection from Sawaeqe Muhreqa (Wilayat-e-Hazrat Ali A.S.)
Usool –e- Din (Pillars / Rules of Islam) – Subjective Tafseer , describing the principals in simple Urdu with the help of Holy Quran, Hadiths and modern emerging sciences
Selected and the simplest Urdu translation of Saheef-e-Kamila – Prayers of Imam Zain-ul-Abedin A.S.
Selected Urdu translation of Uyoon Akhbar-e-Raza (A.S.) – the life & saying of Imam Ali Raza A.S.
Tafseer-e-Qassasul Quran – Commentary of Stories of Holy Quran, along with the different point of views from various schools of thoughts
Selected and subject wise English translation of Nahjul – Balagha

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