UK Earthquake & Namaz-e-Ayaat

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Following the Earthquake in the early hours of Wednesday 27th February 2008, Mo’mineen are reminded that as per Ayatullah Sistani’s rulings, recitation of Namaaz-e-Ayaat would be considered obligatory. For your convenience, full ruling on this matter appears below:

“1507. * When earthquake, thunder lightning and other similar events take place, a person should offer Namaz-e-Ayaat immediately, not allowing undue delay. But if these occurrences continue for a protracted time, praying immediately is not obligatory. If one delays when one should not, then, as per recommended precaution, Namaz-e-Ayaat should be offered without the niyyat of ada or qadha.”

You may access some useful masails relating to the performance of Namaz-e-Ayat at

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