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Shawwal Statement 1430AH

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There is a distinct possibility of the crescent being sighted on Sunday 20th September 2009 in Lisbon (Portugal) and may be in Madrid (Spain). However, we in London do not share the same horizon with Lisbon or Madrid. As Ayatullah ul-Uzama Sayyid Ali al-Sistani has clarified “sighting crescents in two countries that ‘share’ the horizon means that if it is actually sighted in the first country, it would definitely be sighted in the second country also, provided there were no physical impediments” The sighting in London is not definite that evening.

We are aware that some of our communities may mark the 1st of Shawwaal 1430 on Sunday 20th September 2009, and some on Monday 21st September 2009. Again, as Ayatullah ul-Uzama Sayyid Ali al-Sistani explains “There is no escaping the different beginnings of a lunar month as it is a direct consequence of differences in rulings by respected Jurists related to the beginning of a lunar calendar month. Every person must act according to the rules of his/her Marja-e-Taqleed as is the case with rulings on all other Fiqh issues on which Jurists differ. It is important to educate Mumineen to accept these differences and not allow these to be a source of discord and animosity between them“.

In the light of the above the Jamat wishes to advise Mumineen that 1st Shawwaal 1430 is expected to fall on Tuesday 22nd September 2009 in London for the Muqalideen of Ayatullah al-Uzama Sayyid Ali al-Sistani. For those who remain on the taqleed of Syed Khui (RA) Eid is most likely to be on Sunday 20th September based on Marhum Khui’s ruling on a united horizon. Crescent is expected to be sighted both in South America and South Africa on Saturday 19th September.

Volunteers will inshallah be out scouting for the new crescent on Sunday evening, and should there be any confirmed reports of crescent sighting in or around London, we will make the announcement accordingly the same evening at the Imambara, on the answerphone and on the Jamat website.


(The data below has been obtained from the HM Nautical Almanac Office. Times are in GMT. For the UK, we are still using BST British Summer Time which is GMT+1)


Sun Set Time

Moon Set Time

Time (min)

Moon Age
Hrs : Min

Altitude (degrees)


London, UK 18:04 18:09 5 47 : 20 0 26
Birmingham, UK 18:10 18:12 2 47 : 26 -1 26
Bordeaux, France 19:04 19:26 22 47 : 20 3 26
Lisbon, Portugal 18:37 19:13 36 47 : 53 6 27
Madrid, Spain 19:15 19:48 33 47 : 31 5 26
Paris, France 18:53 19:05 12 47 : 09 1 26
Zurich, Switzerland 18:28 18:44 16 46 : 44 2 26

Leading astronomer’s opinion for sighting around London:

Mohammad Odeh: No distinct possiblity, even before sunset
Dr. Yallop:
No distinct possiblity, even before sunset
Dr. Usama Hasan:
No distinct possiblity, even before sunset

The Hilal Advisory Team of the Council Of European Jamaats has also released a statment and the rationale in detail for the basis of their statement. Click here to download this statement.

TAIA (Team for Advice on Issues of Astronomy) of KSIMC of London
Makbul Jaffer, Suhail Valji, Ali Panju, Akil Kanani
September 16, 2009; Ramadhan 25, 1430AH (revised with further explanation: September 18, 2009)

(The data below has been obtained from the HM Nautical Almanac Office)
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