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Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Lecture 1/2 ANSWERS

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Shahr Ramadhan 1430.
Lecture 1/2:  Taking lessons from the Holy Quran
Sheikh Arif Abdulhussein.   7-8/09/2009

1.The behaviour of the Bani Israeel when they asked Prophet Musa (AS) to bring down Quail and other foods from the heavens to eat was condemned because:

C. They were being rushed to the promised land which should have been their priority rather than wasting precious time eating luxurious food.

2.The main reason why people have always been attracted to the message of the Holy Quran is because:

A.It is a reminder to what we already know inherently.

3.What is the main reason as mentioned in the lecture why Allah has issued this challenge (SWT)?

C. To encourage all of humanity to try and challenge the word of the Quran such that they realise & eventually submit to its divine nature.

4.Divinely inspired Miracles in general must necessarily conform to which of the following?

B. They must challenge and prove themselves beyond the intellectual understanding of the time.

5.The staff and light of Prophet Musa (AS) were his main miracles, whilst his message was the Tawrah. Given that the message of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was the Holy Quran, what was his main miracle?

D. The meanings of the Holy Quran itself.

6.In order for us to be convinced about the divine nature of the Holy Quran and submit fully to its teachings we have to?

C. Be objective in our reading of the Holy Quran in order to reach conviction.

7.When Imam Ali (AS) regained control of the river bank from the enemy during the battle of Siffin, he allowed the enemy free access to the water whilst the enemy had previously restricted them access to the water. What is the fundamental principle that Imam (AS) upheld here?

B. That forbidden means can never justify noble ends.

8.“Just as the Quraish belied the revelation, they have belied the meaning of the revelation”. Who made this statement, where was it made and who was it referring to?

Statement Made by Imam Ali (AS), during battle of Siffin and he was referring to Mu’awiyyah and his army.

9.Explain why Prophet Yusuf (AS) did not act unjustly when he planted his cup into the bag of his brother Binyamin in order that his brother is caught accused of stealing it?

Because he had already revealed his real identity to Binyamin and thus Binyamin was already aware of and consented to the plan, so this action was not unjust.

10.The Hadith from the Holy Prophet (SAW) says: “the exegesis (meaning) of the Holy Quran will be given by the passage of time”. The Holy Quran has also been revealed by the same author who has created the universe. What two conclusions were drawn at the end of the lecture based upon these two statements?

1.That the Holy Quran is in completely in sync with the natural existence/universe

2.There is no finality in our understanding of the Holy Quran (as these understandings will progress as humanity progresses) – so we can never claim to have gained an absolute/complete understanding of any issue from the Holy Quran.


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