Preparing for 15th Shabaan

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Preparing for 15th Shabaan – slides and book list

Following on from our seminar on Preparing for 15th Shabaan which took place on Sunday evening, please click HERE to access the slides from Dr. Masuma Jaffer’s presentation.

The books recommended by both Shaykh Jaffer Ladak and Dr. Masuma Jaffer included the following:

Selected Narrations about the Twelfth Imam Volume 1 and 2:

Discussions concerning al-Mahdi

Explanation to the belief of Mahdism in Shia Imamia

Kitab al-Ghayba: the book of occultation

The Promised Mahdi – Bihar ul Anwar volumes 51-53 by Allama Majlisi

Understanding Surah Ya-Sin

In addition, the following website has a number of books and lectures about our 12th Imam:

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