My Dear Community Members

Assalaamun alaykum.

It was fantastic to see such a great turnout for the site
visits this weekend. There were close to 300 people braving the wintery
conditions to explore the site for #OurFuture. We were overwhelmed by the
enthusiasm for the site and excited to hear the communities feedback and ideas.

We would like to invite you all to a Property update meeting this Sunday 10th February at Hujjat to discuss the proposed purchase of the new site.

The programme will for Sunday will be

Magrhib Salaah 5:18pm

Presentation and Q&A: 5:45pm

Dinner 7:15pm

While there will be time for questions on the day in
order for us to get a better understanding of your concerns we would greatly
appreciate it if you can send your questions in advance here : https://goo.gl/forms/IJozNsEmTczQE3Oi1

Salaams & Duas