Muharram 1429 – Presidents Message

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Message from the President of KSIMC of London, Kamruddin Khaki (Kakaji) – Eve of 1st Muharram 1429.

Bismillahirahmaaniraheem – I begin in the name of Allah SWT, the Kind, the Benificent, the Merciful.

Maulana Saheb, my dear Elders, my brothers and sisters Salaamun Aalikum.

On behalf of the all members of KSIMC of London, the trustees, the volunteers  the EC, the ladies committee, the entire ELC team and on my personal  behalf we welcome Zakira Taherabai Jaffer, Maulana Muhammad Raza Dawoodani and Sheikh Usama Al–Atar to our centre.

The ladies are privileged to have Zakira Taherabai for their Moharram majalisis.  Zakira Taherabai is well renowned scholar and reciter of majalisis and she has been doing so for a number of years now. She is well travelled and has recited in many centres all over the world. I would earnestly request our ladies to attend in large number and gain advantage from Taherabais knowledge. We welcome Zakira Taherabai on behalf of our ladies and London jamaat

Maulana Dawoodani resides in Pakistan and will be reciting the majalis in the main hall for the duration of the 12 days.  He has been reciting Majalis for  last 8 years and he appears regularly on the satellite channel “Haq TV” in addition to other networks. Having achieved academic success in the form of an MBA, he has also attained a Bachelor of Commerce. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience which we are privileged to have him share with us.  Maulana, welcome to London

ELC are fortunate to have Sheikh Usama Al-Atar. Sheikh Usama Al-Atar was born in Kerbala and immigrated to Vancouver with his family in 1991.  Having completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver previously, he is currently pursuing his graduate degree in Chemistry at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In addition to his well rounded academic achievements and publications, Sheikh Usama Al-Atar is also well known for his beautiful recitation of the Quran, Qaseedas and Anasheed. Sheikh Usama had the unique opportunity to study under some well learned scholars including Ayatullah Seyed Murtadha Al-Qazwini and Seyed Mustafa Al-Qazwini. His  topic for Moharram is  “Seeking perfection through Akhlaq”.  We look forward to the opportunity to learn from such a learned and experienced reciter.
Sheikh Usama, you are also very welcome to our centre on behalf of the ELC and indeed London Jamaat.

Brothers and sisters, it has been confirmed that tonight is the first night of Moharram.

And as we hear this news or see the first crescent of Mahe Moharram as Muhibbe Ahlulbait AS our heart becomes very heavy with deep sorrow and we feel the tears fall from our eyes. We see the reflection of Martydom of our beloved Husein AS. Our heart hurts when we remember the ruthless tyranny, the merciless massacre and bloodshed. We remember the courage of young Kassim, the bravery of Ali Akbar, the dedicated loyalty of the lion of Kerbala, Hazarat Abbas AS, and the ultimate sacrifice of the thirsty Ali Asgar.

We are gathered here to commemorate the ultimate and incomparable sacrifice of our Aba Abdillah and his family and friends, the shohada of Kerbala.

May Allah SWT, in this month and forever, strengthen our bond with the Ahlulbayt, give us the resolve to rise above and battle tyranny and to abhor and fight oppression. May He inspire us always to do right and to act in His way, as we do not allow the events of Kerbala to have occurred in vain, as we learn and put the lessons we have learned to practice in our lives, struggling to embrace goodness and run away from and condemn evil. Remember  Every day is Ashura, and every land is Kerbala.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to our Imam-ul-Hujja (AF) and the Ahlul-Bayt (AS) on the Shahadat of Imam Husain (AS) and all the Shohoda of Karbala.

Inna Lillahi Wa Inailayhi Rajeoon.


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