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Trade & Commerce – Food Stuff- Building Material, Hardware, Sanitary ware, Spare parts, Garments, Stationery, Computer Electronics etc.

JIBA International has been fortunate to nurture such opportunities for its member’s. With the blessings of H.E. the Governor of Al Najaf & Sheikh Ali Bashir Najafi. They have whole heartedly welcomed us to conduct the conference and Exhibition to avail the opportunities in the Holy city of Al Najaf .

Due to limited availability (120-150 persons) participation will be strictly on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis without any exceptions.

Please remember that we are dealing with a country which at the moment is still under turmoil and hence logistic is not as easy as in Dubai, Karachi, Dar-es salaam, Mumbai, London or Toronto. Although we have been promised security of the highest level JIBA International cannot take any responsibility for your safety and this needs to be understood by all participants. We have and will take all necessary precautions that are at our disposal.

It is of Paramount importance that participation deadlines are adhered to without exception/ JIBA International needs to charter and fully pay for a flight between Dubai/Najaf/Dubai, pay for hotels and transport in advance to secure confirmation. Please also note that once booked and paid there will be no refund or cancellation.

With the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH S.W.T. we have managed with great difficulty to
reschedule the event tentatively between 12th July and 22nd July 2009, the format of
conference/exhibition/ziyaraat remaining the same as before. We have also
managed to acquire space to hold your samples, advertising material, banners and
such at the exhibition hall prior to the event. Please contact:

Dynamic Inter Trade LLC
Attn: Mr. Shabbir Damji
Mobile: +97150 – 6447915

Who will be willing to assist you to organise this with least problems. Please make
sure that all your products and samples arrived to Dubai by 30th May 2009 and no

JIBA International’s interest is to facilitate trade activities and assist in economic upliftment of its membership and as such it cannot be over stressed that at the moment IRAQ is a fertile land for such activities and the response we have received from the authorities is truly timely and unparalleled. We will indeed be a sad community if we do not cash in on this fantastic opportunity.

Please kindly follow the following easy 3 steps to register your participation and benefit from this once a life time opportunity.

1) Confirm your participation by 15th MAY 2009 (without fail) to your local JIBA chapter. If there is no local chapter then confirm with JIBA International Secretariat. Email: ,
2) Pay the necessary dues by 15th MAY 2009 to the local chapter.
3) Fill in the enclosed form to provide us your business activities by 15th MAY 2009.

Please kindly note that the 15th MAY 2009 is the absolute last date. We expect your confirmation much sooner and as always registration will be on first come first served basis.

We certainly hope that the participants will take serious heed to this announcement and show their commitment and interest at the earliest and not let go to waste the hard work and enthusiasm shown by various parties in getting this exhibition thus far.

Yours sincerely,

Masum Somji
Secretary. General-JIBA International

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