Hujjat Hustings Friday 4 September 2020 & Election Day Guidance

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Dearest Members of our community, 

Salaamun Alaikum, 

Further to our previous communications, the Electoral Commission wishes to remind members of the forthcoming Hustings on Friday 4 September 2020. We use this opportunity to advise members that they are free to ask questions (using slido) to the presidential candidates about any topic concerning the Jamaat, including but not limited to queries arising from their published manifestos;  please find below attached. 

Venue: Live Online – Broadcasted from Hujjat Youtube Channel and

Time: 8:30pm

Chairman: Shaykh Gulamabbas Murtaza Lakha 


Br. Hamid Pirbhai – Manifesto can be found here

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1.1 MB

Br. Sakalain Mehgjee – Manifesto can be found here 

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Team More Member & Manifesto.pdf

60.2 MB

Please see below timetable: 

8:30pm – Introduction by Shaykh Gulamabbas Murtaza Lakha 

8:35pm – Br. Hamid Pirbhai 15 minutes Manifesto talk. 

8:50pm – Br Sakalain Mehgjee 15 minutes Manifesto talk. 

9:05pm – Open questions

9:50pm – Final Statement Br Hamid Pirbhai

9:55pm – Final Statement Br Sakalain Mehgjee 

10:00pm – End

Election Day Guidance: 

The Electoral Commission are finalising the last few items in preparation for the Elections next Sunday. Yesterday’s Taboot and Jaloos procession provided a litmus test of how remote drive thru sessions occur at our beloved centre. On behalf of the Electoral Commission we thank the CPV members, logistic team and those who assisted on the day in providing this service in honour of Imam Hussain (a.s). As mentioned previously, the elections shall be contactless and in-person only, we aim to provide an efficient service that shall be amenable to all. It is for the service of our community that these elections are been meticulously planned to ensure maximum participation from all members on the day. 

Please see our guidance below: 

– Priority Access Between 10:30am – 12pm for the elderly (70+),  members with disabilities and those with health vulnerabilities will be given first chance to vote. We strongly advise others more able to come after 1pm. 

– All members should come with photo ID, these include but are not limited to: (Passports, Driving Licenses, Student ID Cards, Photo Senior Citizenship Cards).

– Under no circumstance shall members leave their vehicles.

– You will be provided ballot papers, these are to be completed in your cars and dropped into the designated boxes indicated.  

– There will be no access to the Hujjat building, including the lavatories.  

– We advise you bring a pen to complete the ballot forms, however we shall make provisions for those without. 

– Please adhere to the guidance provided by the CPV volunteers and those who are assisting on the day. 

– For a visual guide please see below. The arrows indicate the flow stream for attendees. 

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Hujjat General Election 6th Sept 2020 Process Flow.pdf

201 KB

The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London request your support and Duas for these Elections. 

Should you have any queries please contact us on: 

Farhan Jamal – Chair 
For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission 
KSIMC of London

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