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Hirz-e-Jawad (Dawa and Dua)

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In tonight’s live-streamed Khushali lecture, Sh. Abbas Jaffer referred to ‘Dawa’ and ‘Dua’ going hand in hand. The medical advice is by this stage well known, and can be referred to here.

The specific Dua that Shaykh referred to is called Hirz-e-Jawad (the protection of Jawad), and is attributed to our ninth holy Imam (as), whose birth date we celebrated tonight: Imam Muhammad al-Jawad (as).

It is a short Dua, which the Imam (as) is said to have advised his followers to recite and keep on their person, and is often found written inside rings and amulets. Many members have written in asking for the text of the Dua, which is as follows:

يا نور يا برهان يا مبين يا منير يا رب

اكفني الشرور و افات الدهور

و اسالك النجاة يوم ينفخ في الصور

and the translation is as follows:

‘O Light, O Proof, O Manifest One, O Illuminating, O Lord

Be enough for me in the face of evil/harm, and the problems of my time/era

And I ask you for salvation on the Day when the trumpet shall be blown’

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