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Hujjat Assistance and Community Services (HACS)

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Hujjat Assistance and Community Services (HACS) is a body that has been formed to assist with social activities pertaining to our community. The services provided by HACS will evolve over time, however, to begin with will focus on the following:

•    Home help and respite for carers
•    Visiting the sick at home and hospital

•    Providing company to the elderly who live on their own

These are essential services that are often overlooked as we deal with our busy lives. However, there are members of our community who require these services and it is a great opportunity to earn thawaab whilst giving something back to the community.

We are looking for volunteers to run this scheme. It is an ideal opportunity that will allow you to acquire new skills which will stand you in good stead in your daily life such as:

•    Character building and self enhancement.
•    Dealing with unfamiliar situations, new people, new environments and taking on additional responsibility.
•    HACS is a great opportunity for students as the experience will prepare you for the challenges in your future career and will be looked at favourably by potential employers
•    Allows you to give something back to the community
•    The scheme fosters stronger community spirit by supporting each other through difficult times

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