ELC Ashra-e-Zainabiyya 1430 Daily Quiz Answers Night 6

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1.    In Surah Al-e-Imran, what does Allah (SWT) command us to do if we claim to Love Him and as a result of doing this He (SWT) will also Love us and forgive us our sins?
    C.    To follow and obey Rasulullah (SAW). The verse referring to this is 3:31.

2.    Which prominent personality in Islam and Judaism is known as “Israel” by the Jews and whose descendents are known as the Bani Isra’eel?
    A.    Prophet Yaqub (AS)

3.    Who was sent by Rasulullah (SAW) as an emissary to Madina prior to his Hijrah?
    C.  Musab ibn Umayr

4.    What were the 3 main factors as mentioned in the lecture that led the Jews of Madina to resent the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) influence in Madina.

    •    The Holy Prophet (SAW) managed to unite the 2 main tribes of Aws and Khazraj. This meant that the influence that the Jews had in Madina was reduced.

    •    The Jews were expecting a “Messiah” to come into Madina dressed as a king in all pomp and glory with an army of angels. However they saw that this very “Messiah” Rasulullah (SAW) entered Madina in all humbleness, which led to them rejecting him.

    •    They were unhappy with the economic policies set up by Rasulullah (SAW), namely the banning of interest which was the mainstay of their business dealings.

5.    Which incident led to the revelation of the verse 2:256 which says “There is no compulsion in religion…..”?    
    •    The incident where members of the tribes of Aws and Khazraj who had accepted Islam asked Rasulullah (SAW) whether they could force their children who were still Jewish to accept Islam. This verse was revealed  in response to their query.

6.    How did the Banu Nazir break the constitution that they had pledged with Rasulullah (SAW)?  
    A.    By collaborating with Abu Sufyan in an attempt to assassinate the Holy Prophet (SAW)
    B.    Treason by sheltering 200 soldiers of Abu Sufyan during the battle of Uhud.

7.    How did the Banu Qaynuqa break the constitution that they had pledged with Rasulullah (SAW)?
    C.    Dishonouring Muslim women by pulling off their Hijabs.

8.    Name the 2 remaining tribes in Madina after the incident of Banu Qurayza?.    
    •    KHAYBER
    •    FADAK

9.    The land of Fadak was given to Rasulullah (SAW) by one of these remaining tribes without any warfare having taken place? What name is given to a land that is acquired without warfare and that can be distributed by the new owner in any way he/she pleases?
    C.  Fay

10.    What does the term “Israeeliate” mean when referring to hadith?
    A.     Narrations from the Jews that have found themselves in Muslim books of hadith.

11.    Give at least 3 reasons why the hadith reported by the Muslim Scholar Ibn Ishaaq that 960 Jews from the tribe of Banu Qurayza were killed under the command of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is totally unreliable.
    •    Other Famous Muslim Scholars (such as Malik ibn Anas) have reported that Ibn Ishaaq used 2 descendants from the Banu Qurayza  tribein the chain of narrators for this particular hadith. These descendants of Banu Qurayza are more than likely to have glorified the event for personal gain in order to make themselves look oppressed under Muslim  rule.
    •    Many Muslim Scholars have reported that Ibn Ishaaq is a completely unreliable authority on narrating any incident pertaining to Jewish History as he is known to have glorifed the Jews in his narrations for personal gain such that he could gain valuable knowledge from the Jewish scholars at the time.
    •    All other major narrators of hadith do not mention this hadith at all, therefore making it a very weak and unreliable hadith.
    •    The Holy Quran teaches us that you cannot burden the soul of a person with the actions of another. Therefore given that the Holy Prophet (SAW) is an embodiment of the Holy Quran he would never contradict this and punish a whole tribe for the actions of a few.
    •    In Jewish history a story exactly the same as that of the alleged massacre of Banu Qurayza is mentioned therefore making it quite likely that this story has been inserted into Islamic narrations to make it look like a massacre took place, when in fact it never did.

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