ELC Ashra-e-Zainabiyya 1430 Daily Quiz Answers Night 10

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1.    A man approached Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) in Shaam and out of his ignorance thanked Allah (SWT) for the suffering that the Imam (AS) and his family were going through. The Imam (AS) responded with 3 verses of the Holy Quran which showed him the true position of the Ahlul Bayt. What were these 3 verses?
    D.  8:41, 33:33, and 42:23

2.    In Surah Al-Anam Allah (SWT) commands us not to abuse those who the polytheists call on besides Allah (SWT). What reason does Allah (SWT) then give for why we should refrain from doing so?
    C.  So that the polytheists out of their hostility do not in turn abuse Allah (SWT) in their ignorance.

    The verse in question that refers to this is 6:108.

3.    When some people on the side of Imam Ali (AS) in Siffin were abusing Mu’awiyah, what did Imam Ali (AS) say to them in response?
    •    Imam Ali (AS) informed them that they should address their problems with Mu’awiyah in light of how Mu’awiyah has deviated from the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

4.    The tongue is something that is a great blessing of Allah (SWT) but must be controlled. What has Imam Ali (AS) said about the tongue as mentioned in the lecture?
    C.  The weight of the tongue is so small but its power is so great

5.    In his sermon Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) said “O people Allah (SWT) has granted us (the Ahlul Bayt) 6 Virtues more than anyone else, of which forbearance was one of them.  List 4 other virtues that he referred to?

    Any four of the following will be accepted:

    1)    Knowledge
    2)    Eloquence
    3)    Courage
    4)    Generosity
    5)    The Believers love for us

6.    An example of the forbearance of Rasulullah (SAW) can be seen from the incident when he was severely insulted and pelted by stones by a people whom he went to call towards Islam and yet despite this he still prayed for their forgiveness.  What was the name of this place where he was insulted in such a manner?
    B.  Ta’if

7.    Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) also mentioned in his sermon in reference to Imam Ali (AS) that “I am the son of the one who fought in……” Which three battles did he then mention?
    D.  Badr, Uhud, Hunayn

8.    Why did Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) mention these 3 battles in particular?

    •    BADR: He mentioned Badr because it was in this battle that Imam Ali (AS) was responsible for killing 35 out of the 70 soldiers from the enemy who were killed in that battle.

    •    UHUD: He mentioned Uhud because it was in this battle that Imam Ali (AS) stayed with and defended the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s throughout whilst most of the others left him. It was here that Jibraeel (AS) told Rasulullah (SAW) “What a noble protector you have” to which Rasulullah (SAW) replied referring to Imam Ali (AS) “He from me and I am from him”.

    •    HUNAYN: He mentioned Hunayn because it was in this battle that when the Muslims suffered a setback against the enemy most of their 12,000 strong army fled and only 8 remained…one of whom was Imam Ali (AS) who led the army to victory.

9.     In one of these battles the Muslims began with a force of 12,000 men, but many fled during the battle. Which battle was this? How many soldiers remained? And Give the name of at least 2 of those who remained?

    •    It was the Battle of Hunayn
    •    8 Soldiers remained
    •    Soldiers who remained: (Any Two of the following will be accepted):
    o    Imam Ali (AS)
    o    Usamah bin Zaid
    o    Al-Fadhl ibn Abbas

10.    What are the 3 pre-requisites for every Majlis as taught to us by Imam Zainul Abideen (AS)

    That our attendance at the majlis or delivery of sermon should be:

    1)    ONLY for the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and for nothing else.
    So we should not be afraid of how people will respond to the Haqq.

    2)    Aimed to bring unity between the Ummah and to reform the Ummah.
    We should give our side as well the other sides of the argument.

    3)    Aware that there is a Great Reward (‘AJRAN ADHEEMA’) for those who sit on the pulpit and those who sit around it in attendance. This reflects the importance of physically attending Majalis wherever possible.

11.    Give the 4 factors mentioned in the lecture which influenced the way in which Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) delivered his sermon and what was the reason for why he devoted about 70% of the sermon in praise of Imam Ali (AS)’s merits.

    1)    He was addressing Yazid, who was outstanding in his grasp of poetry.

    2)    Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) could see the head of his father Imam Hussein (AS) being played with by Yazid.

    3)    There were Jewish Rabbis and Christian Priests also sitting in the court of Yazid.

    4)    That the people of sham had completely forgotten or were not aware of  who the Ahlul Bayt truly were.

    He devoted around 70% of the Sermon in praise of Imam Ali (AS) because :

    (Any one of the following or similar reason will be accepted):

    •    The image of Imam Ali (AS) had been completely destroyed in the eyes of the people of Shaam by the propaganda of Bani Ummayah.

    •    Mua’wiyah had instilled the cursing of Imam Ali (AS) from the pulpit after the Khutba of every Jumah Salaat.

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