2nd Shura Meeting – Report

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Shura Meeting – Friday 28th December 2007

The second Shura meeting was held on Friday 28th December 2007 after the Eid-e-Ghadeer programme. The main topic for discussion was Promoting and Facilitating Marriage.

The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Qur’an. The meeting was chaired by the President Al-Haj Kamruddin Khaki (Kakaji) who was joined on the podium by the Vice President, Alhaj Murtaza Gulamhusein and the Hon Secretary, Alhaj Moshin Kassam.

Kakaji opened the meeting by giving an update on the issues raised at the last Shura meeting. The areas updated on were:

1. Zohrain Salaat: This has been implemented and Zohrain namaaz is being held at the Centre daily.
2. Maghribain salaat had still not been implemented due to lack of interest, but was still under discussion
3. Youth Azadari Drive (YAD) had been implemented to facilitate recitation of marthiyas and nawhas and create the next generation of reciters. The attendance has been phenomenal and great progress is being made.

Topics Discussed:

The topics that came up for discussion at the Shura meeting are summarised below:

1. The calendar does not specify sunset time. Can this be incorporated into future editions of the calendar.
2. Recitation of duas, Ziyarat and marthiyas should be equally distributed rather than allocated to the same reciters. Mukhi sub-committee will look at this and implement.
3. Ziyaraats recited on Eid should be relevant to the event rather than Ziyarat e Waaritha being recited.
4. Could blood donation be facilitated on Ashura?
5. A question was asked whether the Seniors Association is a BUJU or an independent body. The President clarified that the Seniors is an independent body and not a BUJU.
6. Minutes of the EC should be made available to the General Body via noticeboards, Website etc…
7. It was suggested that if khushali/wafaat events fall on bank holidays, then the programme should commence at awwal time
8. A question was asked whether there were any developments on a new centre. The President said that various options were being considered and once there was more information, this would be communicated to the members
9. There is an unused barrier in the car park that poses a H&S risk to children playing in the car park. The Hon. Secretary will pick this up and resolve the issue.
10. It was requested that volunteers should be asked to take extra care when moving cars in the car park to ensure that accidents do not occur in the car park.
11. Clarification was sought whether the Hussein Day that is being planned would be inclusive to other communities. The VP answered that other communities including inter-faith groups had been invited and gave a brief outline of what was being planned.
12. Muharram timings – the 7:45 start time was questioned as to whether any consultation had taken place.
13. Query was raised as to the length of time taken to respond to correspondence. The President assured the public that queries and issues are being and would be dealt with promptly.

Promoting and facilitating Marriage:

Discussion on Marriage commenced with an introduction by the President. He asked the members to come up with their ideas on how to facilitate match-making and marriage counselling within the community.

The points raised fell into the following categories:

1. How could we make new converts more welcome? Could a committee be set up consisting of youths etc… to make newcomers welcome and encourage them to come back to mosque.
2. Facilities for matchmaking are lacking. Main facility is Khoja match and Shia Match, but the whole thing is quite secretive and not widely publicised.
3. More match making sites should be set up.
4. Should matchmaking websites be moderated to ensure that only those serious in getting married can login?
5. Should marriages at an early age be encouraged?
6. Pre-marital and post-marital counselling should be introduced to facilitate marriage and resolve issues during marriage
7. Issues pertaining to life after marriage should also be addressed prior to marriage.
8. It was suggested that workshops be held with newlyweds to share experiences and help alleviate any negativity pertaining to marriage. 
9. A question was raised whether funding is available for those who want to get married but cannot afford it. The President said that this would be facilitated by the EC where possible.
10. Workshops should be held for parents with children of marriageable age.
11. A marriage committee should be set up to facilitate marriage. The committee should consist of respected and learned members of the community.
12. Matchmaking provides privacy which is a big positive compared to the matchmaking websites.
13. Matchmaking service needs improving
a. Needs confidentiality
b. Criteria not necessarily being taken into account
14. Youths need to be comfortable to be able to talk to the matchmakers
15. It was suggested that perhaps a resident aalim/elder be available for youths to go to in order to obtain guidance.

The meeting closed at 11pm.

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