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In the last 9 months, we have been running a shredding service so members can dispose of their old/damaged Qur’ans, Dua books, Madressa manuals etc. easily, and many of you have taken advantage of this service – we have shredded 2.5 tonnes to date (eco-friendly and Sharia-compliant!)

HOWEVER please note that this is ONLY for paper – please DO NOT LEAVE anything else. Volunteers have had to deal with a variety of items and there is no facility to deal with old picture frames, canvases, flags, clocks etc. If this continues, the Jamaat will be forced to stop providing this service entirely.

Below are some real-life examples of things members have left to be shredded. Please be advised – the following items should NOT be left:

Your old cigarette packets. You can safely assume that the Arabic text on it is a safety warning and not Qur’an.

Your credit card statements.. these should definitely be shredded.. just not on the Jamaat’s expense

The big Bismillah canvas your nanima brought you back from Ziyarat and you don’t know what do with.. Jamaat volunteers don’t know what do with it either. Please keep it in your attic or regift it to someone else

In all seriousness, please do not leave anything except paper outside the annexe, otherwise as stated above, we will have to stop the service altogether.

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