Hilal update for Muqalideen of Marhoom Syed Khoei (RA)

In: TAIA (Team for Advice on Issues of Astronomy)

The following is a press release sent by the Hilal Advisory Team of CoEJ:

Marhoom Ayatullah Al Khoi (RA)

Based on the ruling of unity of horizons, and sharing of the night, there is a distinct possibility of sighting the crescent in South America and areas westwards on 10th August 2010. Europe shares the night with these regions.

Hilal Advisory Team has achieved itmi’naan over many years on astronomical calculations that meet a certain criteria. The crescent for Ramadhan 1431 is positioned well above the criteria in many regions mentioned above.

Please see below relevant ruling of Marhoom Ayatullah Al Khoi

1741. The first date of a month is not proved by the prediction of the astronomers. However, if a person believes in what they say or is satisfied with it, he should act according to their statement.”

Based on above 1st Ramdhan 1431 begins on Wednesday 11th August 2010 for followers of Marhoom Ayatullah Al Khoi (RA). We have also received news of confirmed sighting from Shia Islamic Community of Bolivia at 3:30 AM that the crescent has been sighted in La Paz, Bolivia.

Hilal Advisory Team (HAT) of CoEJ

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