Hilal Satement: Sha’baan, 1438AH

In: TAIA (Team for Advice on Issues of Astronomy)

Friday 28th April 2017 is the 1st Day of the Holy Month of Sha’baan 1438 for the muqallideen of Ayatullah ul-Uzma Syed Ali al-Sistani (May Allah protect him) in the UK

Important dates for this month:
Saturday 29 April Eve 3rd Sha’baan Wiladat Eve – Imam Husayn (A)
Sunday 30 April Eve 4th Sha’baan Wiladat Eve – Hazrat Abbas (A)
Monday 1 May Eve 5th Sha’baan Wiladat Eve – Imam Zain ul Abideen (A)
Thursday 11 May Eve 15th Sha’baan – Shab e Baraat / Eve of Wiladat – Imam Mahdi (ATFS)
Friday 12 May Wiladat Day – Imam Mahdi (ATFS)

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